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And Now the QUEEN Of All Recalls ! R R Phantom

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Don't think that opulence can escape a potentially faulty

braking system if one owns the Rolls Royce Phantom (2003-2010). This ultra-lux land yacht is also now part of the impending



In the affected vehicles, a leak may develop in the power braking

system, potentially causing a vacuum loss and consequent reduction of

power braking assistance. Mechanical braking is still available to slow

and stop the vehicle. There has been no report of accidents or injuries.

The Rolls Royce Ghost is not however a part of the recalls.


IMHO our Big B and Cyrus Poonawala  own the RR Phantom.

anjan_c20072010-10-03 15:58:36

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@ anjan - I read in newspaper that even Bentleys are being recalled due to potential injury to pedestrian from Bentley bonnet ornament.

Few know that Rolls Royce . Bentleys were never reliable in terms of electrical - a malaise of British motor Industry which is still continuing today

I think there so many recalls in this past two decades may be down to following things  -

1. Too many vehicles are produced , so no time quality control , so many things can go wrong - which cannot be ascertained by few test vehicles

2. too many electrical wiring and gadgets - so many things can go wrong

3.vendors are not prepared for this kind of demand

Mr. Spock2010-10-04 08:24:12

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