Help me decide: SX4 or Vento

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i have test driven the city twice, the sx4 once , and since i have been researching about both w r.t to my 2nd car,

as many had said, sx4 lacks in quality and refinedness smiley19.gif, yes, after crossing 100 there was some sound coming in , apart from slightly less beautiful interiors w.r.t citysmiley19.gif

but its a great car, with 180 mm clearance in zxi , u can sail over any road , and can ride unihibited on any highway , i took it on the worse bumps and potholes and it gulped them down with gleesmiley32.gif

ride quality is a bit bumpy at low speeds, especially for the rear seat, apart from that the car exudes power, has the best road presence, smiley10.gif

issues like a pillar , rattles , and all that jazz are not as they are made out to be, especially the a pillar, as a first timer i didnt have an iota of difficulty while maneuvring in peak delhi traffic

interiors look roomy, slightly bigger than the city, not much of a difference here, but going by its bulk , it certainly felt more safe inside a sx4 than in the city

as far the city, well its the ring leader in c segment,

what i liked, - absolute power  when it comes to driving, accelerates like a c segment ferrarismiley32.gif, and literally cruises.......

best steering, something which the linea challenges it to, the most silky steering,

fuel efficiency- my spirited test drive  over 20 kms had a fe of 12 kmpl, not bad going by sx4 standards, users report 14-16 kmpl

SNOB value- i dont think this matters, but most people baulk when u say sx4 is better than the city smiley7.gif, i personally feel both are equally good

build quality, well cant the city is flimsy, or brittle, but it certainly doesnt exude the tank like feel of a linea or a sokda, even the sx4 feels a bit more sturdy, its just a personal opinion, the city is 1100 kgs, sx4 at 1200, linea t jet is perhaps 1200 as well

THE MAIN RIDER is that LOW GROUND CLEARANCE of the city smiley18.gif, the only thing that can go against it if u plan to take the stunner for a ride thru bad roads and bumps, all the people, owners,sales rep , have vouched by the suspension of the city, it wud never break down , but yes if u drive really hard over the bumps it wud surely weaken it, no matter how strong a car,OTHERWISE at normal speeds the city takes the potholes well but u have to slow on the bumps nevertheless

if ur driving in the city, i wud suggest the honda city, if u use bumpy highways and village roads, sx4 wud be better thanks to its superior clearancesmiley32.gif

at the end of the day , both cars pack their max torque at higher rpms, so u cant appreciate the real beauty of each at low speeds, THIS IS WHERE the TJET kicks in , it offers its max torque at low rpm , so u can enjoy the force of its engine at city and highway both , even more at the latter,

the only thing i excluded the tjet is the history of fiat, although i belive the tjet is the best in the segment , fiesta 120 bhp or not

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