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As part of a city wise detailing of Bike Accessories across India, today I cover the city of Bangalore, the underground Superbike Capital of India.

There a million things that can be done to a motorcycle. My fascination with bike modification has more to do with performance than with the " oh I wanna be cool, looks ", in my endeavour to extract the best performance from my machines, I have been assisted by a very good friend who keeps a stock of some awesome products, for both race, as well as daily use. Keihin Carbs, KN filters, Racing Exhausts ( 4 stroke and 2 ), Alpine Star riding suits, AGV Helmets, Iridium spark plugs, Drag handles....everything imaginable. A one stop, shop till you drop heaven / haven for the 2 wheel lover!.

One of the more trusted names I have come across, Kailash, prop. Thirumala Accessories. Contactable at +91 98451 54915, located near the mosque of Lalbagh Fort Rd, Bangalore, ( clientele ranging from the new Kwacker ZX14 to the Honda Unicorn ) this gentleman has something for EVERYONE! Oh and did I mention he can also procure parts on order? icon_lol.gif

Enjoy - 





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Rest Of the Pics can be found HERE


Note - I can help members wrt a few items and maybe even persuade him to provide a discount, drop me a line, but its not a guarantee, were friends, and he might listen to me, am not promising anything!

FuelRunGod2007-08-27 11:56:15

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another piece of information, in case am not available here, you may leave me a comment at the blog, or, if contacting the gentleman, tell him you got his number from the blog, that way he will know that you are a friend, or at least and acquaintance and not overcharge! Because a lot of these goods do not have mrps and are imported from singapore / bangkok / manila etc. Prices fluctuate based on demand and of course supply.

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