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Car for Women

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Massegers, i would be very impressed if a guy had massegers for neck, back and feet. Also glow lighting, which would light the car up and could set to dim light.

According to me LED lights that makes the car look classy. also a small LCD television is very impresive to.

A nice set of rims is a must!


From choice of cars, i find sport cars very sexy and appealing. Im not talking of these wannabes doing they honda cities, or making the farting sound of the car! im talking of dodges ! mustangs, supras etc.







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What  features does a woman look forward to in a car?


lol women u'll never know what they want.


For basic


Low powered engine (if they don't drive regularly)

powerfull A/c

good driving postiton ( go for models which have height adjustable seats)

Parking sensors (this is for man's benifit , u'll save on dent repairs)

Simple functions for everything , (they hate multifunction displays with complicated buttons , if they had it their way they shall put buttons for each and everything in a car)


In short go for Micra smiley36.gif

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I think most women go for looks first then easy drivability then extra features thrown in

Looks: bright colours, pink, purple

easy drivability: AT

extra features: To show off in front of her friends with GPS, LED lights, good music system

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Gorgeous Drophead, Low-Slung & Sharp looks with features needed atleast like Power Windows, Central locking, Rocking ICE, Leather Seat Covers & Light Steering(Heavily assisted like of i20, Scorpio, etc) in a Totally bright colours, like Midnight Black, Red preferably.

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