Need suggestion for buying 150 cc bike

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Hi Frds,

            I am planning to buy a new bike in 150cc segment. Could u please suggest me the best bike which suits me. I have the hints which will express my needs.

1. I can spend up to 70,000 rs.

2. Living in chennai, so I have to deal with heavy traffic often.

3. Mostly I use bike for office (Need a bike with good look).

4. Need atleast 45 to 50 KMPL milage.

5.  I am 6ft tall smiley4.gif and new to 150cc.

Thanks in advance...

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My friend is tall and he has both the Pulsar and the CBZ xtreme. He says that in terms of comfort, acceleration, speed and his tall frame, you will not go wrong with CBZ xtreme. Good luck and take a pic! :)

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Yamaha FZ best looking bike in 150 CC segment

FZ if best in looks and worst in mileage.

If one is stuck on 150 CC, i agreed with Nishan. The Drazzler is the best buy. Having Style Feature, honda quality of course and mileage.

Alok Mathur2010-10-15 15:01:11

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