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2010 Japanese Grand Prix

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Here are the Qualifying results.

Cant wait to see this race!! Too close to call.


Pos     No     Driver     Team     Q1     Q2     Q3     Laps

1     5     Sebastian Vettel     RBR-Renault     1:32.035      1:31.184      1:30.785     

2     6     Mark Webber     RBR-Renault     1:32.476      1:31.241      1:30.853     

3     2     Lewis Hamilton     McLaren-Mercedes     1:32.809      1:31.523      1:31.169     

4     11     Robert Kubica     Renault     1:32.808      1:32.042      1:31.231     

5     8     Fernando Alonso     Ferrari     1:32.555      1:31.819      1:31.352     

6     1     Jenson Button     McLaren-Mercedes     1:32.636      1:31.763      1:31.378     

7     4     Nico Rosberg     Mercedes GP     1:32.238      1:31.886      1:31.494     

8     9     Rubens Barrichello     Williams-Cosworth     1:32.361      1:31.874      1:31.535     

9     10     Nico Hulkenberg     Williams-Cosworth     1:32.211      1:31.926      1:31.559     

10     3     Michael Schumacher     Mercedes GP     1:32.513      1:32.073      1:31.846     

11     22     Nick Heidfeld     BMW Sauber-Ferrari     1:33.011      1:32.187          

12     7     Felipe Massa     Ferrari     1:32.721      1:32.321          

13     12     Vitaly Petrov     Renault     1:32.849      1:32.422          

14     23     Kamui Kobayashi     BMW Sauber-Ferrari     1:32.783      1:32.427          

15     14     Adrian Sutil     Force India-Mercedes     1:33.186      1:32.659          

16     17     Jaime Alguersuari     STR-Ferrari     1:33.471      1:33.071          

17     15     Vitantonio Liuzzi     Force India-Mercedes     1:33.216      1:33.154          

18     16     Sebastien Buemi     STR-Ferrari     1:33.568              ?

19     18     Jarno Trulli     Lotus-Cosworth     1:35.346              ?

20     19     Heikki Kovalainen     Lotus-Cosworth     1:35.464              ?

21     25     Lucas di Grassi     Virgin-Cosworth     1:36.265              ?

22     24     Timo Glock     Virgin-Cosworth     1:36.332              ?

23     21     Bruno Senna     HRT-Cosworth     1:37.270              ?

24     20     Sakon Yamamoto     HRT-Cosworth     1:37.365     CYRUS432010-10-10 03:18:28

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Japan GP: Vettel Takes Commanding Win

Sunday 10th October 2010



Japan GP: Vettel Takes Commanding Win

  • Japanese-Grand-Prix-Sebastian-Vettel-pol
  • Japan-Race-Pics-1_2513536.jpg
  • Japan-Race-Pics-2_2513537.jpg
1 of 3

Sebastian Vettel boosted his title hopes
with a significant victory in Japan as he dominated his team-mate Mark
Webber. Fernando Alonso completed the podium places, but it was more
gearbox problems for the McLaren of Lewis Hamilton.

There was plenty of action at the start of the race as Vitaly
Petrov, Nico Hulkenberg, Felipe Massa and Tonio Liuzzi all crashed into
retirement on the opening lap, bringing out the Safety Car. And while
the drivers were slowly touring the track behind the Safety Car we had
retirement number six as Robert Kubica's right-rear wheel fell off his
car, forcing him to park it.


CONDITIONS: Bright and sunny with no rain predicted: 26C
ambient, 36C track. Lucas diGrassi failed to get his car to the grid,
the Virgin going off at 130R and hitting the barriers even before the
parade lap.

GRID:1.Vettel, 2.Webber, 3.Kubica, 4.Alonso, 5.Button,
6.Rosberg, 7.Barrichello, 8.Hamilton, 9.Hulkenberg, 10.Schumacher,
11.Heidfeld, 12.Massa

START:When the red lights went out there was immediate
action from the Renault of Vitaly Petrov veering across the track and
into the barriers. He'd made contact with the Williams of Nico
Hulkenberg seconds after the start. Both drivers out on the spot but
Petrov the man at fault.

Further down the main straight Felipe Massa tried to make up
quick places from P.12, and put his right wheels on the inside grass of
the circuit coming into Turn 1. He slewed straight into the side of the
innocent Tonio Liuzzi. Both men out. In Singapore Liuzzi hadn't lasted a
lap but this time it was not his fault.

However the big excitement was at the front. Robert Kubica got a
much better start from P3 on the grid and was straight in front of Mark
Webber and also had the momentum to think about a challenge on Vettel -
had the straight been longer.

Nico Rosberg got a dreadful start from P.6 and was immediately
passed by Lewis Hamilton who jostled his way from P8 to P5 right behind
his team-mate by the Esses. With four cars already at the side of the
track, the Safety Car was dispatched immediately so they could be

LAP ONE ORDER:1.Vettel, 2.Kubica, 3.Webber, 4.Alonso, 5.Button, 6.Hamilton, 7.Barrichello, 8.Schumacher, 9.Heidfeld, 10.Sutil

Nico Rosberg, who'd dropped a long way back after his poor start,
immediately stopped for his harder Prime tyres and rejoined at the

Robert Kubica was going to be a big problem for Mark Webber
having got himself between the two Red Bulls, but on Lap 3 he'd
suddenly dropped a long way off the back of the Safety Car and Sebastian
Vettel, and TV cameras picked him up parking the Renault car. He'd lost
a rear wheel off the right corner and parked it. Both Renaults out
within three laps and six cars in total before we'd completed one lap at
racing speed.

The Safety Car came in at the end of Lap 6 and on the restart
Michael Schumacher made a classic overtaking move round the outside of
Rubens Barrichello into the final chicane, snatching seventh place. At
the same time Nico Rosberg tried to get round the outside of Sebastien
Buemi at 130R. Buemi wasn't giving way and Rosberg was forced out wide
onto the run-off at 170mph plus but miraculously managed to keep control
of his car.

The race settled into a pattern with the Red Bulls swapping
fastest laps at the front. By Lap 12 Vettel had a 2.0 second lead on
Webber and Mark was 3.5 in front of Alonso. Jenson Button had started on
the harder Prime tyre and was clearly holding up Hamilton who had the
faster Option. But there was no easy way past.

Behind them, home boy Kamui Kobayashi was keen to change his
surname to Kamikaze with a less-than-100%-fair move up the inside of
Alguersuari into the hairpin, grabbing P10 and using the Toro Rosso as a
braking aid. Three laps later he tried the same move on Adrian Sutil
into the hairpin, this time pulling off the move perfectly.

Jenson Button had been hoping that the Option tyre runners would
need to stop on lap 10 or 12, but the circuit began to rubber in
quickly, and with the added laps behind the Safety Car, the first Option
runners to pit - Sutil and Heidfeld - only came in at the end of Lap
18. Lewis Hamilton pitted for the Prime tyres on Lap 22 and exited just
behind Kobayashi who was up to P7 (but not yet stopped).

Michael Schumacher pitted from sixth place on Lap 23 but exited
behind his team-mate, while Vettel and Alonso pitted on Lap 24 and
Webber on Lap 25. There were no net changes for the front runners and
Hamilton was swiftly past Kobayashi into Turn 1 on Lap 25. He was still
several seconds behind Alonso, though.

Out in front, Jenson Button had gained no advantage from running
the harder Prime tyre but soldiered on regardless. With 20+ seconds
needed for a pit-stop he was not quick enough to retain fourth place,
but had a big window for fifth place after his stop. Behind Button, the
four who had changed their tyres closed in, the Red Bulls and the
Ferrari managing their fuel and temperatures all the while.

LAP TWENTY-NINE ORDER:1.Button, 2.Vettel, 3.Webber,
4.Alonso, 5.Hamilton, 6.Kobayashi, 7.Rosberg, 8.Schumacher, 9.Heidfeld,
10.Barrichello, 11.Sutil, 12.Alguersuari

Though Hamilton closed down the gap to Alonso to a mere 2.2
seconds on lap 37 after his stop for tyres, that was as close as he
would get. On Lap 39 he radioed back that he had lost third gear and
because it is a sequential gearbox, the McLaren team didn't want him
going any lower. So he was restricted to fourth-to-seventh gear, making
the slow exit from the hairpin even slower.

Jenson Button pitted from the lead on Lap 38, as did Kobayashi
from P6. Button rejoined in P5 and Kobayashi emerged behind Alguersuari
again, in P11. With his new tyres, Button immediately started lapping
two seconds a lap quicker than his team-mate who was just hanging on
till the finish.

On Lap 45 Kamui Kobyashi proved that you don't have to use the
inside line to overtake at the hairpin and overtook Alguersuari round
the outside; the Toro Rosso needlessly banging wheels with the Japanese
driver on the exit - and more than once. For this stupidity he picked up
a puncture and had to pit, while Kobayashi's bent Sauber continued.

While all this was happening Adrian Sutil, Kobayashi's next
target, spun in the middle of 130R, swapped ends and continued - the
Mercedes engine of his Force India having started to emit plumes of
engine oil smoke seconds beforehand. Sutil disappeared into the pits and
retirement leaving Kobayashi free to home in on Rubens Barrichello.

Three laps later and Nico Rosberg's race came to a dramatic end
as his Mercedes veered off the road at the Esses with a tyre bouncing
high up into the air after a car failure. Race Director Charlie Whiting
decided to recover the car under waved yellows.

On Lap 49 Kobayashi - on much fresher tyres than all the cars in
front of him - sent one up the inside of Barrichello into the hairpin
and was through to eighth place sending the Japanese crowd wild. A lap
later and team-mate Nick Heidfeld had to defend his seventh place into
Turn 1 from Kobayashi. By the time he'd got to the hairpin he'd decided
to play the team game and let Kobayashi through- almost letting
Barrichello past into the bargain.

At the front of the race Sebastian Vettel started to increase his
pace without Button restricting him in front, Mark Webber also upped
his pace but never looked like challenging him. Despite the Red Bulls'
dominance they couldn't shake off Fernando Alonso's dogged pursuit.
Jenson Button, on his fresher tyres, closed a little on Alonso but was
never going to catch him, let alone pass.

They held positions to the flag with the falling-back Lewis
Hamilton listening anxiously for gearbox noises in fifth. Behind him, in
sixth place, Michael Schumacher posted his best result in a long while,
having wiped the memory of a poor Singapore GP.

The Red Bulls flashed across the line first and second, Mark
Webber gleefully claiming the Fastest Lap on the final lap to show
Vettel what he could do in clear air. Alonso was not far off in third
and Button ten seconds further back in fourth. However celebrating
almost as much as the Austrian team were Team Lotus. They had scored
another P12 with Heikki Kovalainen equalling their best result of the
season and winning the battle of the new teams. Richard Branson had
officially lost his 'air hostess bet'.


01. Vettel Red Bull-Renault 1h30:27.323
02. Webber Red Bull-Renault + 0.905
03. Alonso Ferrari + 2.721
04. Button McLaren-Mercedes + 13.522
05. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes + 39.595
06. Schumacher Mercedes + 59.933
07. Kobayashi Sauber-Ferrari + 1:04:038
08. Heidfeld Sauber-Ferrari + 1:09.648
09. Barrichello Williams-Cosworth + 1:10.846
10. Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari + 1:12.806
11. Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari + 1 lap
12. Kovalainen Lotus-Cosworth + 1 lap
13. Trulli Lotus-Cosworth + 2 laps
14. Glock Virgin-Cosworth + 2 laps
15. Senna HRT-Cosworth + 2 laps
16. Yamamoto + 3 laps
17. Rosberg Mercedes + 5 laps
Did Not Finish
Sutil Force India-Mercedes 45
Kubica Renault 4
Hulkenberg Williams-Cosworth 1
Massa Ferrari 1
Petrov Renault 1
Liuzzi Force India-Mercedes 1
Di Grassi Virgin-Cosworth 0

Source planetf1

At last finally Vettel won the race and he is the one I am supporting for WDC .  I sure hopes he wins in Korea and Abu dabi were the redbull will dominate.

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