Buying a Used Skoda Laura - Need help

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Hello Friends, this is my first post here.

I currently own a Tata Safari 2009 EX 4x2. Its a good car, have done around 31k on this car with in a period of 12 months. BUT I am not satisfied with overall feel and performance of the car. Its good, but not what a car priced at 9lac should.

I was searching for a car from a few months, to use it when I am with some family members to provide with extreme comfort, silent cabin and somewhat luxury feel. I was initially looking for FordFiesta.


But now I came accross a car, Skoda Laura, done 44300kms, May 2008 model, single owner 1.9PD variant MT.

Its priced almost around new Ford Fiesta. I always dream of buying old gen Laura. But now when I found a car, I am bit doubtful about its ownership costs. I am planning to keep this for more 40 or 50k kms. Which would hardly take another year or so.

Car is clean, no scratches no accidents nothing to worry about.

What would you guys have to say about this?

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Get the car checked out thoroughly; we all like Skoda and its products, only thing that keeps us all away is the scary service, check out how the Skoda service is in your vicinity and if your satisfied go in for the car. 

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I really have not heared anything bad about the Service centres here. But own experience may come up to be different.


I want to know, in a car driven that much, how many parts have the possibility to change? I mean I have not driven the car yet will be having its test drive soon, what things I should keep in mind while checking the car. I have noted all the points mentioned in the Sticky Information thread. But still, anything to add? Plus, what is the warranty duration on SKoda Laura? 2 years? How many free services? What is the cost of free service components? BEcause TASS changes fuel filters on every service.


sorry for so much questions.


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