Scorpio Eagle/M-Hawk Test Drive Report

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Had a chance to get my hands on the much awaited Scorpio M-Hawk.


Walk up to it, and it doesn't look much different from the CRDe. The 'Powered By M-Hawk' badge, alloys and some decals being the only tell-tale signs. So has the new engine worked? Read on.




The new M-Hawk powered scorpio uses a 2.2 litre powerplant producing 120bhp and 29 kgm of torque. It may not sound much more powerful than the current one, but this motor is 60kgs lighter, and its almost a second quicker than the current CRDe. The 2.2 engine will only be available in the VLX model. The 2.6 CRDe will continue to sell alongside.


Design & Engineering


The Scorpio hasn't changed much, this is more of an engine update rather than a complete makeover. So the old grouses still remain, it isn't as spacious as it should be. The third-row lacks legroom, but this has somewhat been taken care of by the sliding second-row, but the fact remains that the Scorpio could do with more space. But what you get is loads of street presence. The Scorpio is still a handsome looking vehicle barring the bland rear. The rear tail light cluster does help a bit but rear look is not as aggressive as the front.


The seats now get new headrests, and they also feel a touch more comfortable than the older ones. Mahindra has showered the VLX with a lot of equipment. You now get alloys as standard, automatic headlampss, tyre pressure monitoring system, cruise control, steering mounted controls for the audio, ABS and parking sensors. Electrically adjustable mirrors would have been a nice touch as it is just inconvinient to stretch to adjust the rear view mirror on the passenger side.







The tyre pressure monitoring system is a good bit, its not entirely accurate but serves as a good guide. It also tells you the temperature of each tyre and also alerts you if there is a leak. The cruise control system could have been better though, once you set the cruise, it holds the speed you were doing. The only bit I didn't like about it is that there is no indicator on the dash to display the selected cruise speed.


The automatic lights option can be used by a switch on the central console. But you can't change beams with just that switch, so if you wanted to switch to the high beam, you would have to turn the regular light switch on the columnn stalks and then use the combination switch.


Quality is decent and can be better in some areas like the switches on the steering and the finish on the top half of the dash.






The new Scorp gets new colours to the interior. The combination of red, black and grey give it more of a sporty look than the older beige interiors. The central console gets a mock carbon-fibre finish while the top of the dashboard is finished in black. But this black portion looks cheap as compared to the rest of the interiors. Even on this brand new car, it had started looking old.

The instrument cluster also follows the black and red theme and goes well with the rest of the interiors.


The door handles look better than before but there is still room for improvement. The seats also get the red and black treatment and gel well with the rest of the interiors. The rear seats get waterfall type headrests which force you to use them. Since the basic design of the dash is still the same, the vents still have limited movement and the steering adjust is a pain to use.


Engine, Gearbox & Performance




Start her up and the engine feels louder than the older one on the outside. Step inside and the refinement levels are decent and slightly improved over the CRDe. The turbo whistle makes itself heard here even very close to idle. The bonnet scoop isn't a dummy anymore and feeds air to the intercooler. The Scorpio was always fun to drive and its business as usual here as well. The engine responds well even at the lower end of the revrange and starts to fly once the turbo spools up after 2000rpm and generally feels quite light on its feet. It does a true 150kph and takes around 15.1 seconds to get to 100kmph.


The shift quality hasn't changed much and the hydraulic clutch feels soft.


Will update with fuel efficiency figures once the figures come in.


On The Road


The Scorpio's biggest drawback was its scary handling. The top heavy nature along with soft springs didn't make it a very promising proposition as far as the handling was concerned. But the new scorpio along with retuned springs and dampers and weight loss is quite different and we mean it in a good way.


The steering is now better weighted and doesn't have that over-assisted feel of the older one. The stiffer suspension means the M-Hawk rides much better than the old CRDe. The old CRDe never felt settled even on smooth patches, the soft springs meant it was continuously moving about. A drive on the expressway really impressed us with the way it now handles bumps. Going fast is not scary anymore and thats saying a lot. It still rolls, but unlike the old one which would go offline on hitting a bump mid corner, this one swallows it and carries on. Its more confidence inspiring and actually lets you enjoy the responsive motor. This is by far the best improvement in the new scorpio.


The brakes are now antilock. A 3-channel ABS system keeps the vehicle behaved in panic situations. Brake tests revealed that the it tracks true under severe braking and grooved discs mean better cooling which has also taken care of the brake fade to some extent.







The new VLX is more of an engine upgrade than anything else. You get a lot more features but at a price. At Rs.9.70 lakhs, its around Rs.93000 more than the regular model. But what makes it worth it is simply the better ride and handling and the extra features are the icing on the cake.

FuelRunGod2007-12-04 04:40:29

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Another compromise product, detuned engine because the transmission can't handle all that torque. So wait a few a months and you'll get a Mahindra 'Lady Hawke' with 140 bhp and 32 kgm torque. Aw, come on. How many times does it take to get a product bang on. Don't they know that their tranny can't handle 32 kgm of torque, who are they taking for a ride? In a few months probably you'll get a new Scorpio with all the bells and whistles. So no airbags yet, huh.

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Very nice report indeed FRG, I'd say that you have brought competition to your own mag!  The Scorpio has definitely improved but I wonder if the price hike is justified, considering that the new Tata Safari 2.2 L is priced well.  The Safari had undergone similar or even better modifications.  Mahindra could just do away with the old engine and just offer one good variant, rather than having many incomplete models.  I had expected the Scorpio M-Hawk to be neck to neck with the new Safari, but sadly its been a big disappointment.   



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Sorry, FRG, got a bit carried away; first, congrats on the fine report and excellent pics. Better late than never, as the saying goes. Bet the Tata Safari 2.2 VTVT will be better overall than the Scorpio M-Hawk. It's got all the bells and whistles and the safety features. Kindly do a comparo in the next issue, sure will make interesting reading.Durango Dude2007-12-07 03:57:08

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mahindra should have done a cosmetic surgery for the new scorpio' date='and also should have increased the length of the body which is the main problem of it being unstable at high speedssmiley19.gif[/quote']

ya they should have changed you cannot tell which a mhawk or the regular scorpio. But they have worked on the stability, you can now take those corners at high speed it handels better the feel of the Scorpio have improved.

so we can accept better things.

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nice test report.. FRG...


wow.. great..... scorpio has improved on handling.....!!!!!!!!!! hope the ride comfort wont be affected much..

i feel that, they should have launched the 140bhp version of M-Hawnk engine....

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That was a wonderful Test drive report FRG ,


They have added nice goodies , like tyretronics, Cruise control and a fuel efficient engine


But in Karnataka the cruise control is of no use ( i mean Mangalore ) and also Many Parts of India , soo its simply a waste Feature


What is the Ex Showroom or the On road Price of Scorpio M hAwk in kArnataka???




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