Scorpio Eagle/M-Hawk Test Drive Report

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thanks. yes, i will upgrade the speakers. but i am worried about the placement of the rear speakers as you may have noticed in the accessories section. are the rear speakers on the rear door or are they in the boot. reply if you know, thanks anyways.


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The corners under high speed just terrorised me while drivin the old Scorpiosmiley11.gif...

but it seems it has improven in the latest model....smiley1.gif


Hope the brakes are more responsive....

The Qualis the main highlight is the Brakes..though wit small wheel base the brakes are just Awesome...

I had a terrifyin experince while just turnin nearly 70-90 degree at a very high speed as the signal  changed to Red... whew the Qualis brakes worked wonders and i didnt TOpple as in Action movies!!!!(sumo or Scorpio def wud hav toppled)...


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