All New Honda City - VAT - White

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Habib, I think you should:

1. Post some pics (Try and mark out the registration).

2. List out the extras bought, installed. I hear that HID lamps are very popular.

3. Give a periodic account of the dealership/service experience.

4. Post the fuel mileage figures - In India we are obsessed with 'Kitna deti hai'. These will improve progressively.

To get some idea you may take a look at my thread - Topic: Alabaster Silver Civic V AT.

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Pics posted. Will post more in due course.



1. Garware sun film (50%)  - free of charge

2. Under body anti rust coating - free of charge

3. Body coating  - free of charge

4. Genuine Honda tight fit beige art leather seat cover (arm rest [F&R] , door fabric covered also) - Free of charge against price of free Reverse parking sensor and discount on front grill.

5. Mugen Front grill - 15000/- (It chnage the over all look of the car. The only external styling accessory which make sense)


Dealership experience

Excellent till this date. I am the fourth guy on a row this year, who purchased Honda city from my company from the same dealer (same sales person).



All figures are against 100% ac and rpm below 2K , D mode and minimal paddle operation.

Bumper to bumper city : 9.5 to 10.5 kpl

Mixed : City & Highway : 11.5 to 13 kpl

Highway: i did not get a chance. But if i am on 5th and get a smooth flowing cruising, teh real time mileage indicator showing close to 30kpl. So i expect a mileage of more 15 to 20 kpl in pure high way driving.

Also i expect a hipe in mileage after teh first service.

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I feel that the online mileage figures are about 15% too optimistic. You expect a 10% improvement in the city figures, and 15-20% on the highway figures when the vehicle is run in.

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Congrats ! on your new car you could have gone for the optional alloys which the Honda has it looks more executive but with this grill the stock one is good enough.

This grill can be bought for 7 k in Mumbai after market and its the OE one .

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