All New Honda City - VAT - White

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More mileage review!!


Pure highway driving -  17.8 KPL


Average RPM - 1200

Average Speed - 55-60KMPH

A/C - Full time

No of persons - 3


Mixed - around 300 KM

Mileage - 13.9 KPL.

Average RPM - 1700

Average Speed - 45-50 KMPH

A/C- Full Time

No of Persons - 4


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I know subzero got his Projectors (for Civic) from Dubai. He got into a problem due to the LHD/RHD angle. Also, Honda are a bit finicky about warranty matters. So my suggestion is to avoid any such changes for a year or two. By the way I have seen Honda City's with HIDs, supposedly installed by the dealers themselves!

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Yes, it can be done and you do not need to import such things. But the above advice is the best one. Wait for a year or two until warranty is over.

I am sending you a PM with the details. Check that out.

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Review on the Audio system


Awesome performance both over USB and FM. The bass response on "energy mode" is spectacular. Many a times i thought that there is a Sub woofer also there in the car!!!!. The system is having SVC logic but i never got a chance to feel it. Another important thing i noticed was the is no rattling/vibrations even at a very high volume. The cross over is distributing the bass, mid and high frequencies perfectly. The high frequencies are very well differentiated from tutors.

I did not feel listening fatigue even after hearing tehmusic for a prooned period.



Heard from dealer that the head unit is from Mitsubhishi and speakers from JBL. That may be the reason behind this very very very good music experience.


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