buy a car in the range of 6-8 lacs

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i am presently looking to buy a car in the range of 6-8 lacs my monthly run would be around 1200-1400 km and a big tour to ladakh or goa evry Quarter or so

as i am the only one to use the car in the family i am highly confused as to which would be the best car for me that would have power as well not good but decent mileage to drive around . maintenance is also an issue as i don't want my car lying in the workshop after a long tour or so .i have no clue abt any of the cars .

Thank you

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Xylo fits the bill perfectly. A little stretch and you will able to get its top variant.

If you feel it is too big for you, have a look at SX4. Its larger than Scorpio Ground Clearance will be a great boon for you during your trips. It is a very reliable car, and Maruti service is famous.

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AS you would be travelling all by yourself, I warrant to go in for any MUV's. The practicality they offer will not be applicable in your case.

Your running is also quite good and hence a diesel could do a good job.


1.) Ford Fiesta diesel : It might require to stretch your budget a bit, but it's all lot of worth. The car has a powerful enough engine and great mileage. Ride and handling combo is one of the finest.

2.) VW Vento : Another great car, well-built, nice engine and decent enough FE to go for it. Ride is best in class.

May require to stretch more than a little.

3.) fiat Linea : A worthy contender, with a good fun-to-drive motor and superb ride-handling dynamics. Only concerned being the A.S.S .

You could also wait for SX4 diesel, new Fiesta(early next year), Toyota Etios.

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Presently no car can fit your above mentioned set of requirements.

-As Linea & Vento will be too low for Ladakh tours.

-Fiesta is pretty dated now.

-Only Swift DZIRE & SX4 are the nearest contenders amongst your list.

But if you want affordable motoring then wait for SX4 diesel or as per choices of day today Dzire is the One.. 

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Not a petrol car at least. For long distance travel stick to diesel. Plus 1200-1400km per month is suitable for diesel requirements.

Cars to choose:

1. Swift Dzire ZDi

2. Xylo

3. Fiat linea MJD

4. Fiesta D

5. Verna CRDi

Moreover as a highway requirement I would prefer a ride with ABS/Airbags and a manufacturer with good on road service. In that case keeping out companies like Skoda, Volkswagen and some new ones. Also staying away from a hatch is better.


Bolero is too rough and agricultural. May be the xylo should be it. Else a diesel sedan with ABS and Airbags

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There is no specific age to drive SUV, till you are above 18. For your Trips to Ladakh and Goa, Suv will be the best option and Scorpio's size is not that big, which will bother you in city. All the best.

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Wouldn't an SUV be a too much to ask for given the thought I am a 22 years old and a newcomer in driving!


As per I've experienced, If you can judge upon its dimensions SUVs are relatively easier to Drive than comparitive Sedans.

Today's SUVs(Safari, Scorpio, Xylo, Innova, etc) are having very much Driver friendly features which makes driving then easier, like;

-Powerful engine with Ample Torque to tackle the worst of Road & Traffic Conditions.

-Over-light Power Steering.

-Height Adjustable Driver's Seat.

-Heavily Assisted Brakes with ABS as an option.

-Easy to operate Gear lever with Light Shift-Action.

-Parking Sensors.

-Comfort Oriented cabin with various Creature comforts.


Order of Easy to Drive SUV/MUVs(from Easiest to the toughest) in Sub 15-lakh range,

Toyota Innova> Scorpio> Endeavour 2.4 TDCi > Xylo > Tata Safari.
dr_nishu2010-11-11 18:31:16

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If you can wait for 3-4 months we are going to get some new SUV upgrades from both Mahindra and Tata. Also we will be getting 5 seater Xylo so that should serve you well.

A non 4X4 car can also make it bcos roads are there, and only the climbing is steep. Go for Swift or an SX4 if you go for non 4X4. There are many reports spread across the internet of them going there without much trouble. Also they are easy to drive in City espescially Swift, and are great highway cruisers with very comfortable front seats.

Dont go for hatches like Polo unless you go for the 1.6. Power is utmost requirement in hilly areas. Even with 1.6 expect heavy service bill.

Finally it depends on how much time you can wait.

1. Now- Swift or SX4

2.Later-Xylo 5 seater

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@sarab these trips of ladakh or goa are made once in a year or two although ihave taken my bike to ladakh and i know it's a paradise in hell bt stil i think a non 4x4 car make it in once in a year or two!!!

Yes they easily can make it , even in an SUV people tend to drive in 2 wheels drive mode. But if u plan to go during the winter or rainy season u will deffinetly need the 4X4 mode . Do u treck to roads which are ment for 4X4 vehicals only ?

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