Huge Address Issue

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Obviously the tout had contacts in some RTO, so did it there. Now if possible catch the same (or preferably some other)  joker and get the change done! Only negative point is the short time interval, otherwise it should be easy.

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See the DL and RC carefully.  It must be issued by Hyderabad `Central' or Hyderabad `xxxx' in whose jurisdiction `barkatpura' falls.  You need to go that RTO office and apply for a change of address of both RC and DL.  Any way, it is a matter of two or three days max.  Not much amount involved. 

But, you need to produce proof of residence for the new address (in Kondapur) without which it is impossible to change.  Unless, of course, you spend more (like the way you did for your `barkatpura' address). 


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