Tata Sumo Grande Discs Problem

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Hello all,

I purchased my Sumo grande last year in October. Since the time of delivery I have faced many problems. Like defective combination Switch, Reclining lever was not there since delivery, ECU cover was not there, AC vents were not working etc. These were acceptable. But the problem of Discs is the most serious and giving lots of trouble. It all started when we made our first trip to Nainital. It climbed the hills effortlessly. When we reached our guest house we turned the car to enter the Parking lot. Their was a loud noise as we turned the car. We could not understand the problem. Then while returning back from Nainital there was a constant burning smell coming. After reaching we got the car checked at the workshop. They informed that the pressure pipe was leaking and the discs were completely damaged. We were surprised as to how this happened but got it changed under warranty. Then again after 1 month their was severe jerking while braking. Got it checked and again the discs were damaged. After changing the discs they took the car for a test drive and when they checked the discs after the test drive they were also damaged. I left the car at the workshop and till about 2 weeks it was in the workshop.

They told us that they will be changing the whole assembly ( dont know what they meant by this ) and assured us that this problem will not occur again.

After the first incident the discs have been changed for about 6 times. The car has covered only 8000kms in 1 year. Few days earlier again their was jerking and they again informed us that the discs are damaged.

I dont know what to do. The mechanics over there can not understand the problem. We sent many messages to Tata Motors but their was no response from their end. You people suggest now what should I do.


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Brakes having a problem is a serious issue.

Get your vehicle checked in another tata workshop, I think you got to check the pressure pipe, whether its pumping oil into brakes, usually Tata vehicles have some prob with that. I have a Tata sierra, once the pressure pipe burst on sudden braking, my engine overheated and had to be overhauled...i can never forget that incident.


If it doesn't help, threaten to sue tata as brake issue is v serious, and you have hardly driven the car around. Write to every tom, **** and harry in tata.


If that doesn't help simply just sell it off and never buy a Tata again.


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Thanks gego&bones. I have posted this on many websites like icomplaints, teambhp, carwale etc. I have even sent many messages to Tata Motors but their is no response from their end. I am tired of sending messages to them. Is their any other way???

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