Pulsar 220dtsi brake issues

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I was about to DIE

Worst scenario faced on my P220dtsi...

Was going out with my

mother at 9.00pm...just driving for an 10 kms ,i was at a speed of

40kmph...suddenly the front wheel got jam...i was so very lucky 2nd

time...but this time was very very lucky as my mother was behind me..

Last time it wasa the rear brake wheel lock and this time the front brake.

Just 3 days back i got my bike serviced at 17500km service.

I really feel Bajaj need to work on quality issue than keeping the price low...

In the coming days Giant players like Honda, Suzuki n Yamaha are all set to rock the Indian Motorcycle Industry...

My Pulsar 200dtsi was really a very nice bike.

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Check this video

The next day morning took the bike at service center ,

changed the

disc pads, rubbers...but no use....as we ride the bike for just an 2

kms...the disc use to get heat n wheel use to get jam...

now the

bike is at service center since yesterday...Mr. Company service engineer

have taken the bike under his eye....lets see what happens


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I think when bajaj engineers are looking into it, then there is no need to suggest you anything regarding the brake fluid or disk alignment.. but for sure..you must write a mail to bajaj regarding this issue.. I am working in BOSCH...n here we are sole responsible for our product,we call it product liability..n we keep safety on highest priority. So it must get resolved.

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I agree n have also mentioned in the video. Its the KBX brakes Manufacturer responsibility for poor quality.

But Bajaj should have sacked KBX if they are putting their customer at risk.

Already once the engineer have replaced my rear brake system n have put the new BYBRE brake system. But still the Brake noise is present in rear disc when brake is applied.

But this is a limit, from day one problem is there in my bike. but the engineers are not able to give me my bike problem free...

Rear Wheel Jam

Steering Problem

Poor Service

Bad Spares Quality

Lack of Communication from the service engineer

Vibration Issue

Now Front Wheel Jam

I have replaced the disc pads, rubbers but no use.

now the service center people have put some little effort n the wheel jam is not present, but the disc get heated. so i am doubtful of a wheel jam again

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