Achiever refreshed - Cheap yet VFM 150cc offering

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HH has refreshed its Achiever.


Some of the changes in design made in the new bike are:

Black Colored Engine cover and Foot Rests

New and improved graphic design

Some of the other features of the bike are:

5 Spoke black alloy wheels

Powerful and efficient engine of 150cc with ATFT Technology that enhances performance and fuel efficiency simultaneously

Solid puncture resistant tuff up tube

With HH reliablilty, Unicorn engine & cheaper price, this bike should do decent sales. The lower end of 150cc comprise of Discover 150, yamaha SZ, Unicorn & Suzuki GS.

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This is just an another 'Stickers job' by HH to refresh its range once again.

Achiever is actually a 7-8 years Old bike(Ambition 135) with just an updated Powerplant 2-3 years back.

Even its Ride Quality, Styling, etc still dates back to that era. 
Another Minus remains in it is its Unrevised price. It still retails at Old price of above Rs.52k+(ex-showroom for Kick Start version), whereas Yamaha & Bajaj have raised this bar to another level with their Sub Rs.50k prices for their Superb styling, Electric start & Front Disc brake(discover 150 only) versions.


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I really dont think this would really attract buyers..when Yamaha,bajan n even HH itself are showcasing good looking and decent performing bikes..

Though the price.. (if still 52+k) can however change the mood of buyers..

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