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New Xylo rendering?

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I wonder whether the new revised Xylo will look like this. Saw this in google search. The Xylo while a hit is hugely criticized for its oddball front styling and scary dynamics. With this refresh M&M aims to showcase an improved front grille, better feel to interior quality and revised suspension for less body roll or settled ride. smiley1.gif

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The front on this SRK's rendering is just based on the New Xylo Pick-up's front which is undergoing testing rounds now a days.


Now this looks more like the upcoming GM-SAIC van.

IMHO' date=' GM van will sell better, reasons being, it seats 8, possibly a 1L MJD, smaller foot print, cheaper pricing. Its only - point is, Chinese DNA.


No Way bala..

& Which 7-Seater people mover can do with Tiny-ish 1L engine, except Piaggio/Mahindra 3-Wheelers !!

Mahindras are always having advantage over others in;

-Rugged Bodyshells & Mechanicals.

-Adequately priced Spare parts.

-Peace of Mind.

-Good After Sales Service.

-Good Re-Sale value.

-Last but not the least, Reliability for which the Mahindra are known.smiley32.gif
dr_nishu2010-11-23 19:15:41

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Entire exterior of Xylo needs serious re-work.

The interior, engine, mechanical etc.. are acceptable at the offered price. 

Even the Xylo is offering most comfortable seating for 6 big size people (excluding driver) among other vehicles in the same segment.

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Xylo's edited front looks ?

I am not expert in editing but just tried .



- The excessive curves of head light from  fender is reduced.

- Signal lights are shifted in the center grill like XC-60 or E-Class are parted from head lights.

- The center grill made small and all upper curves are removed.

- Chrome highlighting on the bonnet's on lower part.  

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