Unisex is the mantra, brought new TVS WEGO

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well, it all started when her highness reffering to home minister,demanded a new vehicle for herself, her loyal husband, me started searching for available options in market which suits her needs and esteem.

As common options seen on roads we too went on and checked out Honda Activa, Honda Avaitor, Suzuki Access, Mahindra Duro and Tvs Wego.

Honda dealers seemed to have got the mindset of indians that every individual who steps in their showroom would but just their vehicle, come what may, the SE who we met first at Univarsal Honda was so rude that i had to take some hard speech of words with him with his or their dealership's attitude.Me and wife pissed off with such attitude thought to check out other vehicle from another manufacturer.

Went to tvs showroom Adeshwar tvs, on ring road and enquired about new wego.There was one displayed inside the sitting lounge, where a female executive came and showed us the vehicle, its features, colours available and on road price along with wait list of 2 months.Didnt know that all companies have started to take customers on a ferry of 2 to 6 months ride..Anyways enquiring about test ride, the lady said sorry, we are not having test vehicle as we are short of vehicles so not possible, her highness kept on insisting atleast in their service yard to know and feel what vehicle is all one on a white coloured one, initial impression from her was good.

Called up my friend who has one of the honda 2 wheelers dealership and arranged test drive for activa and avaitor for her, also called up his another dealership of Tvs and arranged one test drive for Wego with some better time.Next day visited their showroom, Honda first, activa was not available with some issues which i didnt care to hear much from its SA, so got a avaitor, wife went first herself for a ride, was a bit high for her likes as her feet were not completely touching ground which i could see.Also she was not much satisfied with the looks of avaitor which called for a manly ride, not for fairer sex.

Activa we sat on the one parked next to test vehicle, felt it a bit heavier then avaitor, but she liked it better to avaitor.So mostly it seemed positive for activa.Went inside with SE and enquired about the pricing, delivery status and how fast he could arrange for me, on which he said as they are new for honda two wheelers dealers, company has new policy of AMC's, Extended warranties, accessories and all which would come along with the scooter and on road price comes close to 60K's on which i was to hear, nearly the price of second hand maruti 800.Anyways went off to my friends another showroom of Tvs, Oceanic tvs on manav mandir road.

Was greeted by a sales executive lady, welcomed us and made us sit.Kid was tired going around with us, so she took the chair first, jumped on it and asked for some water from her, which she did ordered before we asked for, and later as we enquired about wego she took wife to a displayed brown wego, showed all the features about this scooter, price list and everything was coming on way as she directed us to outside gate for a test drive.

Wife took the scooter first by herself, took a small round, came back with a small smile on her face, asking me to check out too, went down near her, asked about the ride, size,weight, pickup to which all seemed positive.

Now i took the front seat, asked wife to company me and took kid on the front , went on to a near by lane and drove it, man awesome scooter which went without much fuss, took all three of us very comfortably, wife also commented in between that back seat is much much comfortable and she could not feel those jerks found on my cousins activa and her old kinetic.

Deal seemed done from her side.

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all these was getting done and now the choice was between colours, where tvs offered four colours on Wego, brown which was a shade between brown and maroon, golden, dont know for whom this colour suited and neither the company, white which most companies started offering and black.Mine and kids choice was white while home minister's black, so had to go with the black.This colour was not available at that moment and was told to wait a few days as new arrivals are on the way.

Came back home and the wait started, this is where dad started talking about new hero honda pleasure and some mahindra scooters which he saw on roads and looked good, pleasure was rejected by me but mahindra was not,came to know about a friend brought a new mahindra Duro, took his scooter and found few things negative for my likes, firstly was a bit heavy compared to wego, leg and knee room too short as my knees were touching the steering, also on bad patches engine mount seemed to touch a few times, so no for it as well.

my booking form was filled for wego and on road price inclusive of all along with its accessories was 51600/-, booked it on monday evening and was told to get the delivery on next day.two days passed and no calls from them, but i kept on tracking the SA every day regarding the status as this navratri is believed to be aspicious days, wanted to get the delivery within these days, any, but not on dusserra as its the most busy day for every dealer as most of the buyers want to buy it in that day so requested the dealer friend to deliver before that, as i had the reasons to it, if there is some issue with the piece they deliver to me, i could ask for another wego within the time limit of navratri.

Finally called up the SA on thursday evening regarding the status and also to inform him about no updates from his office were being transferred to me like he said would be done.He confirmed about the arrival and told me to come the next day.Like every buyer me too was happy and feeling those bumps to take the new vehicle as i did 15 years back.Next day got ready along with wife and kid, took an auto to the dealer's showroom along with my helmet without forgetting and reached at 10:30 am.Greeted by the same lady were seated and formalities regarding the paperwork started.In time i asked to check the vehicle, was prompted to their service yard where it was getting washed, waited a while to get the vehicle outside of washing area, looked at it, was driven some 11 kms, all other things were looking perfect.Accessories were getting fitted.Went inside, checked all the documents, rto papers, insurance documents, everything were kept perfect, asked wife to sign them, till then few glass of cool water along with two cups of tea were served.Believe me one of the best tea's i had at any dealerships.Again took the round at the back yard to see how long would it take, service advisor who's known to me from my apache times, was checking out final things, took a final test drive, found few things not in place, like meter cable not connected, one of the number plates not fitted properly, ordered their staff to complete those things, and hooray the new vehicle was ready to be delivered.

Could see all those sparkles, happiness and jumping joy on my kid's face as she kept on running around the vehicle all the time. Asked the wife to understand all the features once again as service adv. was explaining.I tipped the security guard who was making sure that my kid dont run off their premisis on the road, also the washer and person who was working on the scooter to fit accessories.Thanked SA, the lady and my friend for their support and making sure we get our vehicle within our time and took the vehicle home.Asked wife to take the keys ,started vehicle and drove outside from dealers premisis, stopped outside parked and then i took the front seat and we got home with our new vehicle.That evening took Wego to our nearby temple where the maharaj as we call him, did its pooja with the rituals, wished us good ownership and safe journey and gave us the prasad.

Took his blessings, offered prayers and dakshina as we believe and took it to near by pump, filled it full and got it back home.Was late that evening so couldnt click pictures but would do that in a day or so.

Also my initial impression about this vehicle.

BTW i paid 50K for the new wego and 1600/- was given discount from my friend, not sure he gives this to all buyers but may be as we are friends and a goodwill gesture.The dealer where i brought this vehicle is Oceanic Tvs, drive-in road.

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Congrats! on your best in segment scooter . This scooter is under rated and TVS is not taking pains in advertizing it very much . This scooter is much better than the Activa in the dynamics and has a plush ride quality. smiley20.gifrssh2010-11-23 19:30:45

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