Chevrolet Orlando in India

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For Chevy India, it's 'Eastward Ho' for now and we'll only be seeing cheap Chinese 'hand-me-downs' for sometime; don't be surprised if you see Karl-Slym replaced with a 'Slimy' Chinese. It's not a good time for Chevy India. Chevy Orlando isn't coming here anytime early.

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I think we have a few other threads about Orlando here in this forum. I had started a topic on this vehicle about a year back and a few other threads were also hanging around for sometime. I am not sure whether all these threads were lost during the server failure of ACI website.


I agree with DD that Chevrolet is really planning to dump the Chinese toy cars to India with their bow-tie badge.  Orlando may not be seeing Indian roads very soon since the Wuling MPV is about to be launched in 2011 and also the Tavera facelift fitted with Sonalika engine.jimgeo2010-11-28 16:04:41

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