Pulsar or Unicorn

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hello everyone,

i would be glad to have my query answered. here it goes....

i'm planning to buy my 1st bike and i have narrowed my options to pulsar180 ug3 (digital speedo) or pulsar 200 or honda unicorn (alloys,electric start).

i'm 5'10 and my priority is (in this order) comfort, performance and ease of driving in mumbai traffic. fuel economy is not much of a problem since i wont be travelling more than 10kms a day.

so guys please suggest me any of these 3 bikes ( i'm confused between 180 and 200 bcoz i can extend my budget till p200 but i heard tht p200 has front suspension issues???. no cbz-xtreme ( hate the head-lamps) or hunk ( hate the rear) or apache (too low). please suggest me strictly between these three bikes) i.e.

1) pulsar 180 dtsi ug3

2) pulsar 200

3) honda unicorn

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Why are you thinking so much, the Pulsar 200 is the hot bike right now. i say go for it


P 200

good styling

good power

handels well

fun to ride



over all a very good bike but lacks the fun part.


P 180

Big no for this bike the look is old they have to do something new with it.


Anyways its up to you all the best with it.




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