Which one is better ? Logan OR Etios


Which one is better ?  

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  1. 1. Which one is better ?

    • Toyota Etios
    • Mahindra Logan

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Let's compare and find out which one is better option.

Apparently both Mahindra Logan and Toyota Etios look similar from outside but both the vehicles are different in what they are offering in similar price range.

One one side with its French connection Logan offers practical,economical and comfortable ownership experience and peace of mind and on the other side Toyota is offering its consumer a Brand name and will give chance to experience Toyota's quality which was not possible before by the consumers who wanted to own one but could not afford.

Logan is already proven vehicle and also it is being crash tested with three star rating and on other side Toyota is yet to prove but with Toyota's worldwide image and presence since long time in India and successfully launching and selling almost all the models Etios is a vehicle that is difficult to ignore.  

Only concern is how Mahindra is serious for Logan because of its more concentration on its other models such as Xylo, Mini Xylo and World car.

Toyota seems very serious about Etios as they already have announced its plans for Etios Liva when Etios was launched.





My Vote goes to Toyota Etios.

tejasmehta9902010-12-04 07:50:44

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I vote for the logan as it is still more spacious and the box design is an original to the Etios also the marvellous 1.5lt diesel engine has every thing going for it also the FE is great . The Etios may have the toyota brand value but just tell me how many Corolla diesel are selling .

I would say the ETios is a car which the Logan should have been .(Logan is original box design and Etios is slightly styled box).

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M&M should come-up with innovative and aggressive promotion of Logan to get it noticed side-by-side of Etios and this will seriously make a dent in Etios's sale.

Mahindra can

- offer Logan at discounted price.

- Introduce Logan with some cosmetic changes with better interior trims and gadgets such as parking sensors etc....

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LOGAN for a taxi



ETIOS for personal use.


Logan is great as a taxi.  Frugal and a very good engine.  Little maintenance and good M&M service support.  Rugged and time tested.  Dependable. 


Etios is new, only for petrol heads, to be given at least a year to know it's capabilities and limitations, Toyota legacy and Toyota costs (but, what about Toyota quality ?).  One more sedan option available for personal use. More aspirational value.  Toyota brand should have offered better quality.

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@BF how can you conclude such a thing the Logan is not dead yet and Mahindra is still making it sell more than 600 units a month even when Renault broke the JV . With out a diesel ETIOS is no threat in the segment as yet .Anyways people these day tend to look at the design of the car too these days when buying and when it was first revealed in the AUTO EXPO people were commenting it as a stylish LOGAN .

The car may be good but I hate the guts of TOYOTA a largest manufacturer coping a car design even if it was designed in Japan (EFC code ) .

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If people were going by design I dont think Dzire would have sold 1/10th of what it did. At this price point if looks and diesel engine was all it took would have mattered, Punto would have murdered the market. But thats not to be. Looks are in the list, but so are many other factors. And that is where Etios will trump.

The sedans in this segment have been lacking two points. Design and quality. Etios is an answer to atleast one of these points. Looks a personal matter, I have liked Etios in some shades like Black and White.

Toyota is going to introduce diesel engine sometime next year. This I think is a perfect ploy. They want to sell off as many Petrol engined cars for personal use before the taxi operators come rushing in.

And seeing the response that people have shown about a Toyota at this price point, I would be pretty surprised if Etios would not be selling atleast 4000 a month by March 2011.

The Logan now does not hold a candle to any of the cars out their, leave alone Etios. Also some of the awkward bits of Logan lifted from the LHD version like wipers, other controls really dont go down well with me. Mahindra should and is completely repositioning the Logan, so that when it gets its much needed facelift, and the length is shortened to <4m it can take a fight to Indigo CS.

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Though the Etios is aimed squarely at the Dzire/Manza/Indigo, I think with it's pricing and Toyota badging every car in the price segment will take a hit. The most to get hit would be the Fiesta and Ikon both look dated and Fiesta is a little over priced especially the diesel for what it offers, if Diesel Etios gets the pricing spot on hell will break loose. I feel the Etios will have more space on the inside than the Fiesta.

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This December edition of  Auto Car India expect the mega shoot out between Etios and the other segment players.smiley32.gif


Mahindra Logan GLX  @ Rs.4,89,000

Maruti Suzuki Dezire ZXi  @ Rs.6,32,800

TATA Indigo Manza Aura+  @ Rs.6,24,500

Toyota Etios VX  @ Rs6,86,000

Ford Fiesta 1.6 Duratec S 

@ Rs. 737,000

*All Ex-Showroom New Delhi

Logan might be left aside as it has no luxury features like Air Bags, ABS, EBD, CD/MP3 Player, Alloy Wheels, Steering-mounted audio controls, or even Front fog lamps. smiley19.gif

I think it should contest with lower end models of the above players. All the above features come only in the 1.5 DLSX Diesel model @ Rs.6,41,700 which has all the features Etios has.

shanthanreddyp2010-12-05 08:59:36

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An i20 1.2 Asta costs roughly Rs.6 L OTR chennai and Etios 1.5 G(SP) would cost some what the same. Even the premium hatchbacks will take a hit, especially Hyundai i20 as German ones are more aspirational viz Polo/Fabia. I think Toyota and Honda will force lower players to "innovate" (read discounts) in order attain their targets. I think next year would be a year of consolidation in the auto industry, with the advent of the Etios and Brio, it's going to force a serious rethink in pricing of Maruti and Hyundai hatchbacks. 

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Durango Dude

Yes. It is a game changing time for both the segment viz. Hatchback and low cost Sedans. 

Companies like Maruti, Tata and Mahindra should seriously think to offer the consumers something more because big players now wants to share pie to sell large number of vehicles that was once ruled by these domestic players (Maruti, Tata and Mahindra) by offering to consumers basic facilities with their low price tag.

The aspirational value and brand image of Toyota and Honda is such that one is tempted to go for Toyota / Honda cars than to opt for other vehicles.

Even we have VW and Nissan in this race so it is time to say TATA to Tata, Maruti and Mahindras (read Logan). 

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Logan is Good on Comfort, Practicality & VFM Initially but its Long term Ownership isn't that Cheap, as one can Associate it to be a Mahindra.


Whereas Toyota's brand name is enough for Customers in India here.

Any New Bold step which a company like Tata takes is a foolishness & is Critised but for Toyota or Honda, its a Revolution or a Trend.

But Toyota will clock Magical numbers in Sales.
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Yes. Even when Tata Aria's price of +15L got published it was unbelievable and unacceptable. But looking what Aria is offering it seems very rightly priced car.

Today only i read Logan is launched with CNG so its a good news for the people who are looking VFM reliable seadan.

Logan's interior need serious changes because it looks dated.

Etios's interior is very sporty and that will be welcomed by the people.

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Etios 's interior are criticised as having poor plastic quality (as shown in ACI show ) when compared to the DZire whose plastics are average built . So I don't think the Quality revolution is still standing in case of ETIOS .

Also it was nice to see the ETIOS riding with the logan in the CAR and Bike show and they really showed that the Etios is too much similar to Logan .

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Etios is getting rave reviews from all quarters now. At this point it looks like the etios will do well and mostly better than the Logan. Where Logan went wrong was in its initial launch. No body was ready to pay that premium for 'Mahindra-Renault'. Mahindra is known to be a UV maker in india and Renault is not as popular as say Toyota or Honda. Whatever discounts they offer now, they are somehow unable to repair the early damage done by premium pricing. Your initial pricing has to be right, just right.

Secondly, it remains to be seen whether Etios will rule the entry level sedan segment. Its diesel offering has to be directly price against Manza / Dzire and the diesel engine should be frugal, powerful too. Everyone raves about the DDIS not just for the economy, but the way it delivers power too.

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I would definately prefer Etios over Logan. Etios looks better, has snob value, better engine, safety features, ride & handling, good ergonomics, etc but seriously Toyota must have though of something original, from each and every angle it seems to be a bettered Logan which is very bad for a brand like Toyota. Also the reliability offered by Toyota & Honda are also offered by Hyundai & Maruti at same levels, but what the Japs have an edge is their Quality which is far better but this time they have miserably failed especially what Toyota claims as 'Quality Revolution'. Saw the comparo on some shows & everybody says that Dzire has better quality plastics, i mean already Dzire is a disaster when plastic quality is concerned, now Toyota has entered to worsen it more, if these are the ways Toyota & Honda are working, i dont think the companies like MSIL & Tata will bother to improve it any more. That clearly means that Manza does have better quality than Etios, because except some of the panel gaps, i feel Manza's interior plastics are better than Dzire, it feels better & solid.

Thats extremely bad for Toyota, atleast they should stick to their value they have in India or either should have created a new brand for Etios kind of vehicles. I dont think with this thinking, Etios Liva will be able to compete the much better i20.

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Etios is killer product for Indian manufacturers.

It is clear that there is only a one ruler and others are followers so now the big giants (Toyota, VW, Honda, Nissan) wants to rule not a particular high end or low end segment but wants to rule entire Automobile market i.e. from Nano Priced vehicles to Maybach Range or higher, everything under one roof.

Tata and Mahindra are going upward to establish themselves in highend vehicles whereas Toyota, Honda, Nissan, VW are going downword  to enter into segment which is new to them.

Etios will seriously effect the image of Toyota especially in India because now Toyota vehicles will be seen with lots of people and not with few ones.

Toyota need to bring Lexus in India to remain afloat in the High-End vehicles segment.

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Is it just me or everyone feels like that etios is very similar to toyota echo which was discontinued 10 years ago...


I don't think so..


Infact the 10 year Old Echo looks still better Executed & Contoured than Etios in India-2010.


Etios 's interior are criticised as having poor plastic quality (as shown in ACI show ) when compared to the DZire whose plastics are average built . So I don't think the Quality revolution is still standing in case of ETIOS .


Q-Revolution is there..

But its under the Hood' date=' in its Mechanical parts.

As per told in the video posted as in Etios thread;

Overdrive's Review

Its Engine is Very Refined, with Excellent Gear-shift, Dynamics(more Sporty than Corolla), Quality of materials used in the Critical areas.

But One thing I know for sure- Toyota seekers wouldn't have hesitated to Shell out 10-20k more if they've used better Design & Plastics in its Interiors.

Even Indica's Seats are better looking than that of Etios's.

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