Audi A6 Diesel 30000km feedback

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Hi Audi A 6 diesel 30,000 km, parts replaced, 1-3tyres, 2-Flap ValveMotor (cost 20,000rs but charged 10,000 rup), 3-suspension front rubber cracked cost 1,30000, 4-Brakepads replaced 3 sets cost 50,000 rs ,overall experience is it's very expensive per km ,any comparison with Benz & BMW welcome






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BornFree2010-12-11 09:29:11

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The service charges seems to be exorbitant, though it is a norm in the segment.

And I am sure that you should have enjoyed munching each mile in it!

If your car is past the guarantee period, try reputed service centers like Bosch Car service centers too, which are as good at servicing German cars. They provide Genuine Bosch spare parts which are as good as the Audi spares. Bosch supplies many parts to the German giants, hence it is most likely that you may find the same part at a lower cost!

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rubber ? are these rubber studs mounting of the suspensions ? 30,000km is too less for these and brake pad should have gone 40-50K km before a change was required.

A second opinion would have been good cuz all the service center people know is to extort money , you have to be very carefull , if i where u i would have written a letter straight to Audi head quarters regarding the sub-standard parts and their need to change in suchless milage.

Or you could have ordered parts , they would have cost you 1/3rd of the cost and could have fitted it at Audi center they come with warrenty

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