Civic Steering Problem

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Hi. I have a CIVIC 2007 MT. I am facing problem with steering of my civic since

two months when i got steering bush changed. The steering wheel doesn't

come back while taking turn/u-turn or maneuvering in city driving. It

stuck to the position in which i turn the wheel. The problem was not

there before changing the part. I got the part changed from the

authorized service center in delhi. Automax Honda. After several visit

and check-ups by the adviser and technicians the problem still persist.

They have checked every parameter and system related to steering but the

problem is still there. Please advise.

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The Civic steering is not over servoed like many. Obviously you have a too stiff bush - could be either lack of lubrication, or too tight a bush fit. The dealership should be able to fix it easily. Obviously the problem is in city driving only so the stiffness is quite marginal. Even a silicone oil spray may be all that is needed. Once it beds in the problem will go away.

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Good evening. Can you suggest any good service center in delhi, with whom i can  discuss my problem. i am thinking to visit Autopsyche or Performance auto in Noida.






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