Fiero Headlight

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I am not a mobike expert but obviously your options are

1. If possible a better reflector design in the lamp- unlikely.

2. Higher wattage bulb

3. Higher efficiency bulb.

2 Depends on availability and your charging system being able to take the load.

3 will be HID/Xenon. In fact HID will be lower wattage. Remember that as per the law HID is Ok for Low but not High beam. I do not think LED lights have evolved to the point where they can replace Headlight Bulbs.

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Get replaced the doomlight cover first. I have replaced the 2000model cbz headlight cover now, and used the normal yellow light. Because, white or blue bulb wont be visible on roads during the night time and at traffics. The white bulb is usefull only if you are travelling at the darknight road which has no lamp posts, and opp vehicles light beam. trust me. It will help your needs.



(always the racer wins atlast)

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