Toyota's greatest off roaders.

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hmm. any way.. i love to see.. those FJs in indian roads..... great pictures' date=' pryas..


You and I would, along with few Indians, the FJ interior is as stark as the Gurkha, most Indians would be horrified to shell out Rs.40L for a FJ.

interiors of FJ just like gurkha..?but why did toyota degin a poor interior for an off roader, which looks great outside..?

Not poor.........stark, functional for serious off roading.

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Jitz' date=' Have you checked the videos of the MC?[/quote']


Yup, Gurkha, seen all of them.  Thanks for sharing the wonderful info. The videos were really awesome, I particularly liked the one where it tackles the concrete blocks like a routine job.  Finally I've found the ideal vehicle that is suited for Kerala's roads!  smiley36.gif

 I didn't understand what the switch was used for when it was in slush, kindly help on that.  I''ve no experience of driving 4WDs as yet.  And these Japs are crazy, they copy Western originals and make them even better!




It was for locking the front, center and rear diff, a feature not in the Hummer, this way, all four wheels would get equal power even if any of them are spinning without any traction.


Thanks a lot, Gurkha.  I believe the Merc G Wagen also has three diff locks like the MC, a must for serious off-roading.




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