December 2010 sales report

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M&M auto sales up 42% in December

Auto-maker Mahindra & Mahindra on Saturday reported a 41. 92 per cent jump in its sales at 34,062 units in December 2010 over the same period previous year.

The company had sold 24,001 units in the corresponding month of 2009, Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) said in a statement.

Total sales of M&M utility vehicles, including Scorpio, Xylo, Bolero and Pick-Ups, stood at 14,705 units as against sales of 11,904 units in December 2009, up 23.53 per cent.

Sales of the Logan sedan went up by nearly three-fold to 896 units during the month compared to 308 units in the same month a year ago.

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Tata Motors sales rise 31% in December

Automaker Tata Motors on Saturday reported 30.63 per cent increase in its December sales last year at 67,441 units sold as compared to 51,627 units sold in the same month in 2009.

The homegrown firm's total passenger vehicles sales in the domestic market in December 2010 stood at 19,706 units, which is a jump of 34.48 per cent from the same month previous year, the company said in a statement.

The company's latest offering Nano's sales during the month stood at 5,784 units, up by 60 per cent.

'Indica' reported sales of 5,923 units, which is 40 per cent up from the units sold in December 2009, Tata Motors said.

'Indigo' family recorded sales of 5,234 units, a rise of 3 per cent over the same month in the previous year.

Sales of 'Sumo' and 'Safari' increased by 62 per cent to 2,765 units.

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Tatas sell 5,784 NANOs in December, thanks to the very many initiatives taken by them in the areas of marketing and financing.

Good to see that figure after the disastrous November sales.


Good work by Tata Motors.


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Tatas sell?5' date='784 NANOs in December, thanks to the very many initiatives taken by them in the areas of marketing and financing.

Good to see that figure after the disastrous November sales.


Good work by Tata Motors.


I think the main reason for such disastrous sales figure in November might be a fact that the general public, except the auto enthusiasts like us, do not know that open sale of Nano has begun.

I can justify this because many of my collegues (who are from my professional lot) I have spoken to, do not know about the open availability. Then, expect the majority of the nation's general lot, who are just stuck to their jobs and have no time to see the world, are in the same place too.

So I think it is TATA's fault to not publicize Nano, like after they have woken up to falling sales, for the dismal sales.

So I think better advertisement and new NANO PLUS will push the cute wonder of the world up the sales chart in the near future.shanthanreddyp2011-01-02 10:11:41

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Fiat cars sales fell to a miserable low figure of 271 for this December 2010.

Fiat is missing the Volume segment badly. Its suppose to be volume provider Punto D has lots of errors, as said before, it should possess the VGT as many potential buyers are fearing that Fiat will withdraw the FGT soon. Another reason being, its costlier than Swift D(the ABS version)


Only Enthu's go for Fiat products and they know what safety is, so giving the Dynamic variant a opt-ABS & VGT and price it below Swift is the need of the hour.


OT- Saw the Ad for Autocar in bloomberg featuring Punto performing stunts, why not Fiat come up with something like that with more creativity?

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Finally, the moment that I had foreseen at the moment of Linea's launch has come up in front of all of you. Fiat sales staggeringly low and I highly doubt if there will be any appreciable increase in the numbers. The after sales is still very slow and shoddy (Remember, the TATA-FIAT JV). The availability of parts is a distant dream, etc etc. Although FIAT cars are good in some areas like the features or providing VFM, eventually the +points are overweighed by the -points.

The day Fiat launched Linea and Punto were the golden days for Fiat as these cars sold like hot cakes, but eventually as time passed on, Linea was reduced to mere three digit sales. Although Punto continues to outsell Linea, is it enough for Fiat ? NO.

driftpunk2011-01-03 04:22:25

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So, whats the sales figure of MSIL? Guess the sales figure should be much more impressive!!!

Bytheway!! my sister got her new Ritz on 31st of Dec & we went to temple(Yadagiri Gutta, Hyderabad) for pooja. I have seen morethan a 100 brand new cars which came for pooja, wooow!! many of them were Maruti & it was an impressive view.

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Although I love Fiat products very much but I think with present portfolio it may not able to revive its fortune in near future. Logic behind the statement is as mentioned under:

1. Low on performance and high on fuel consumption:

Fiat cars have very good sheet metal build quality and feel like tank. However it also increases the weight of the car considerably lowering mileage and blunting performance. With present 1.2 & 1.4 FIRE engines Fiat ended up neither here nor there.

1.2 engine which deliveres only 67 BHP is worst among competitions as far as power output figures goes. Swift & Ritz (84), Micra (74), Polo (75), Beat (80), i10(79) offers significantly more powerful motor. Add to it the heavy weight of the car, Punto 1.2 is perhaps possess the worst power to weight ratio (if not the worst!). To seal its fate, the engine is not among the very efficient either. So Punto 1.2 attracts neither the enthusiasts nor the practical man.

Now one can argue about the relative success of Vista which shares the same engine. Vista however is more family oriented as it offers much more space and more goodies at lower price point.

1.4 FIRE engine offers decent performance. But it has earned the bad reputation of being a gas guzzler. Punto 1.4 is not extremely VFM either.

Punto diesel I think is the one to buy if one zeroes on Punto. However the same engine with better tuning is available on many models at lower price point (Swift, Ritz & Vista). When compared, it somehow tilt the scale against Punto.

2. Interior quality:

This I think is a serious issue. Punto was supposed to be a premium hatch and it should have had top fit & finish from the very beginning. Polo despite being a pricey car has been well received as it offers the premiumness in its quality. However interior plastic quality of initial lot of Punto rendered very bad impression. Although plastic quality has improved gradually but it has still a long way to go before reaching i20/Polo level.

3.Dealer attitude:

Many people have complained about the fact that dealers are more inclined to sell Tata cars than Fiat cars. Also, standing beside Tata cars which are terrific VFM, Fiat cars feel slightly overpriced.

4. Lack of models:

At present 4-5 L price bracket is where most activity of Indian car market is taking place.. Fiat's only product in this bracket is horribly under powered Punto 1.2. Fiat should have launched Palio replacement with top model being priced under 5L. This would have been bread and butter car for Fiat and Punto 1.4 & 1.3MJD could have been positioned as premium models like Hyundai did with i10 & i20.

All in all I think Fiats future at least in near future does not feel very bright. Only car that could take competition head on is the Fiat Linea T-Jet which is an out and out enthusiast car. Sadly, in India market for such cars is still in developing stage.

Thanks for digesting such a long post. Your views/comments are welcome.

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Linea : 189

Punto : 62

Palio : 23

500 : 1


Figo : 1881

Fiesta : 1656

Ikon : 657

Endeavour : 107


Ambassador : 450

Lancer & Cedia : 14

Pajero : 115

Outlander : 57

Montero : 12


City : 4380

Civic : 275

Jazz : 269

Accord : 185

CRV : 26


Santro : 7123

i10 : 10794

i20 : 5932

Accent : 983

Verna : 1213

Sonata : 21

Santa Fe : 102


Logan : 896

Xylo : 2720

Scorpio : 4036

Bolero : 7525

Marshall + Max + ST : 424


C-Class : 141

E-Class : 371

S-Class : 56

CLS : 4

E Coupe : 1

E-Cabrio : 7

GL-Class : 21

ML-Class : 94

R Class : 12

SL : 1

SLS AMG      : 2


Micra : 1057

X-Trail : 31

Teana : 14

370Z : 2


Cayenne : 33

Cayman S : 2

Boxster S : 1


Laura : 403

Fabia : 1853

Superb : 246

Yeti : 115


Nano : 5784

Indica : 5923

Indigo : 5234

Sumo : 1428

Safari : 1077

Aria : 260


Innova : 4077

Corolla : 917

Fortuner : 922

Camry: 14

Prado : 7

LC 200 : 5

Prius : 13

Etios : 407


1. The big question. What does Fiat need to do now? All models combined it has been outsold by Mercedes E class and 50 year old Ambassador. In my opinion just earn your money by providing tech to Tata and Suzuki. Dont see much profit for them in producing cars in India.

2.Figo sees a drop. Surely there must have been a supply issue.

3. Honda nos are normal. City is back above 4000 after seeing a minor dip previous month.

4. Fabia off to a good start after being facelifted and taking a VFM tablet.

5. Etios deliveries have started. They have atleast 15000 more to deliver. Toyota recently opened bookings for Fortuner. Will it come to situation where it has to close booking for Eitos too?

Maruti , GM, BMW and VW nos yet to come

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Good i really like these stats coz they show the performance of the companies. Hope to see BMW and VW sales figures.

Tata Aria seem to be doing mid 200 figures consistently for 3 months now.

Skoda Fabia is back with a bang and is sure a headache for the VW Polo.

The Yeti is doing well considering it just opened a unknown 'Urban Compact SUV' class.

Ford might have stalled the deliveries of the Figo I guess.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is also doing okay as the Terracan and Tucson were major lemons.


Finally God save Fiat and especially the poor poor HM-Mitsubishi. smiley6.gif

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VW has sold 5772 units in December, and thats all we know right now. Though the figure is of not much interest as these are factory dispatches and VW is at full strength, so probably 2600-2700 of both Polo and Vento while rest coming from the rest.

Micra is doing good sales for just 20 dealerships. There are reports in media of massive expansion to 90 dealerships by 2011. Crucial for both Micra and upcoming Sunny

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It seems Fiat's strategy to sell their cars through Tata dealers is not working instead it is driving away its ' some' of the loyal customers to Tata (Vista and Manza) .

It seems win-win situation for Tata from joint venture with Fiat but Fiat seems total failure.

It is hard to believe that Fiat is performing so badly but figures speaks the true story. 

Fiat should get associated with their old partners "Premier" and should relaunch Premier Padmini as it seems lucky for them.

God save Fiat.

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Some points:

1.Every month performance of one model created maximum buzz. Last month it was dismal sale of Nano. This month its sub 2K sale of Figo.Iis this the end of honeymoon period for Figo? We should wait for one more month before jumping to conclusion.

2.Micra can be termed as Mr. (or Miss) Consistent. Totaling 1k mark each month even with wafer thin dealer network.

3.Fabia manages a turnaround: would be interesting to note how it fared against Polo. So much common between the siblings.

4.Aria sale figure is difficult to interpret. For such a highly priced vehicle we do not exactly know the sale expectation of Tata motor.

5.Honda is all down except for City. Expect the same status to continue untill launch of new Civic and Brio. One thing for sure-they have to price these models sensibly.

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Maruti Suzuki

M 800 - 1798

Alto - 26937

Estilo - 3769

Wagon R - 14434

A-Star - 2564

Swift - 11600

Ritz - 5188

Dzire - 8601

SX4 - 761

Omni - 7685

EECO - 5862

Gypsy - 264

G.Vitara - 6

Maruti's plant was closed last week of December and will be for first week of January. So some cars would show lower sales.

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Alto K10 and old alto has sold less this dec when compared to the nov sales.

Maruti seems to the leader.

Very unfortunate for Fiat.

I see a reduction in sales of Figo drastically.

i10 also has sold a bit less when compared to nov 10.

Good to see that Etios has taken a flying start.

Spark and Beat in the same territory,even the best discount didn't boost the sales.
Uva has sold 266 but punto has done only 62.

Estilo also has some good numbers this time.

Micra once again in the same territory

Nano sales has boosted from 500 odd units to 5000 units.
oh my god

Other cars of Tata have sold marginally well.

Good numbers for Fabia

Good numbers for fiesta. The great discount offers really worked.

Good numbers for the City compared to Nov sales.

rki20072011-01-04 06:50:03

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Total   89,469   Cars sold by Maruti. Huge Figure. smiley32.gif  as against

Porsche                  36

Fiat                       275

HM-Mitsubishi      648

Mercedes              710

Nissan                 1104

Skoda                  2617

Ford                     4301

Honda                  5135

Toyota                  6362

Chevrolet              8425

Mahindra            15600

Tata                    19706

Hyundai               26168


TOTAL               91047


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Market share has been between 45-50% recently. Also these nos. confuse me becuase they are claiming 99000 units manufactured in December and 1.38 lakh sold from the showroom floor. Also Maruti had closed its factory from 24th December to yesterday. So the decline from 1.1 lakh point where it usually israhul18102011-01-04 10:31:47

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Even though this forum had no discussions about the Jaguar Land Rovers, they still managed to get a whole of 80 Awards and the LR Discovery 4 with over 28 Global awards even after it's outdated style. I strongly believe once the LR Freelander is bought as CKD's and built in India will progress it's sales in India.. BTW is there any news on the LR's Sales figures?

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Jaguar XF and XJ are segment leaders in U.K., and XF alone have won more than 60 international awards. JLR models have poor sales in India due to their limited dealers and high price as they are being imported as CBU's. if Tata can address both these issues, I am sure that can sell as well as the German Trio.

My son has bought XF 3.0 D Sports in U.K., this September. I had finalized the car after evaluating BMW and Mercedes, and I found the XF to be vastly superior. If any body has details of their sales figures in India, please do post. akj53in2011-01-05 14:01:46

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