December 2010 sales report

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Market share has been between 45-50% recently. Also these nos. confuse me becuase they are claiming 99000 units manufactured in December and 1.38 lakh sold from the showroom floor. Also Maruti had closed its factory from 24th December to yesterday. So the decline from 1.1 lakh point where it usually is


Also add BMW' date=' JLR, VW and many others here and it dips nearly to 40-42%


Fiat cars sales fell to a miserable low figure of 271 for this December 2010.

But Fiat Nos as released is not 271. It's only the nos invoiced to its dealers. As per people who contacted FIAT India as well as one of the dealers based out of Mumbai, they have the following clarifications.

As per Fiat India the following is the approx. sales figure for December 2010.

Linea : 850+
Punto: 1250+

Total December 2010 sales fgures are 2200 plus.


A local dealer in Mumbai quoted 38 lineas from their dealership alone. Also, they had the WEST ZONE sales figures, which was cited by the dealer to be more than 189 and 62 for Linea and Punto.


The figures reported by manufacturers are wholesale - i.e co. to dealer / distributor.
Dealer to customer sales are the actual retails which are not reported.
The low nos. seem to be a stock correction at the co. end to liquidate dealer stock.
January wholesale nos. are expected to be much higher for Fiat.


Also TATA-FIAT factory was closed for 2 weeks in December and for one week in January for supply & sales to resume in the 2nd week of Jan.

Source: Team-Bhp
shanthanreddyp2011-01-05 17:13:46

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If the sales of the Fiat as quoted are true then I guess Fiat are still on the right track(if a little shaky).

2200 units are infact the better month sales for Fiat in 2010.

Another interesting point, the Porsche Cayene sells more than the CRV. Wow.

Honda CRV at 25-32 lakhs

Cayenne at 56-75 lakhs.

Man CRV is a poor performer these days all thanks to the Fortuner and Aria.

13 prius is okay for now. Hope they could bring the CKD and atleast bring its price down to 20-25lakhs.

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Source: Team-Bhp

All these details have been compiled by persons who made a contact with the dealers and contacted FIAT India on another forum site.

Sales of about 30+ Punto were done pnly at Chennai. Then what about other cities in thew whole country?

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The sales figures of VW for Dec.2010 are as follows:

                   Polo -2356

                    Vento -3160

                    Jetta   -236

                    Bettle - 18

                    Phaeton 2

( source - Team BHP)

Vento overtakes Polo - a big  surprise indeed!

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Actual sales figure are anounce by the Manufacturer and that's the only figure we can consider to be authenticate and trustworthy. Almost all the journal publish depends on it.

So the Total FIAT sales figure for the month of Dec.  is 2234 (aprox)



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Everybody who is pondering over Fiat figures. All the nos. mentioned here, for all the companies are factory dispatches. Maruti for instance had Showroom sales of 1,38,000 but here it shows only 99,000.

And even if its 2234, its not good at all considering the two most feature rich cars in the segment.

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