Latest Compact Sedan: Amby CS

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Whatever little or much the covered portion reveals, I can try to

speculate that the sloping rear boot is akin to the 1950's Fiat Elegant

(that we call Dukkars).Let us see whether the Pune based design house

has retained the classic looks of this great car, now being

manufactured since 53 years by HM here in India.



The 1500DSL is the 1489 cc BMC diesel, now tweaked to BS III norms and

with a 5 speed gearbox. It is the darling of the Kolkata taxi trade.The

35.5 bhp/13.7 kgm torque that it generates should not be surprising, seeing that it is a

crude and archaic design.The 1200 Kg (kerb weight) car is moved by this

kinda engine whose NVH levels are one of the worst in today's car


The turbo charging is expected to tweak up the power output.And the sub 4

metre length will reduce its price by an expected Rs 30 K, as ACI

reports.The reduced weight and the reduced price should be catalysts for

propelling its sale in the taxi market all over India. And proper

marketing should also see this car doing well as a privately owned car

in rural India too.Marketing is something thats alien to HM these days.

Look at what they have done with Mitsubishi and also to the good old

Amby which sells only 300-400 cars a month, with most of the sales being

taxi replacements in the Kolkata market (the HC order banning 15 year

plus commercial vehicles).

anjan_c20072011-05-06 14:38:23

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The changes seems more like an additional expense to the company than an attempt to boost sales or increasing profitability.

Unless HM changes entire design (Exterior and Interior) just like TATA did to Indica by introducing Vista and Manza there is no future of Amby. 

Why company is not understanding a simple fact that they need to improve their product. It was OK when there was only Amby but now the scenario has changes but company is not changing it's mindset OR they don't have enough cash OR they are too late to act to implement the required changes.

People still love certain qualities of Amby but that doesn't mean that those qualities will turn into a buying decision of consumer.

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It looks extremely disgusting and will lead to a further decline in its sales if the existing model is not sold alongside this one. Absolutely uninviting design as the rear seems to have no synchronization with the front now. It seems more like the job of a mason than an automobile engineer. I sincerely hope that they edit the front too to make the rear look less unacceptable.

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But if we look "space wise" in terms of  interior space and boot space of even compact Amby it seems to the best vehicle around next to Indigo CS.

If HM improves quality and design there is still a lot of potential remaining. While re-designing HM should not change or compromise on the interior space and boot space.

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