Tata Venture or Maruti Eeco?

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There is a huge price difference between them The entire Eeco range ends before Tata even starts. Even the CNG version is 30k cheaper than Venture. Also they both have nearly the same ARAI efficiency of 15.xx km/liter.

Eeco CNG will be my pick, same running cost, Maruti reliability, silent and smooth engine

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Hello AMG,

What is the price point of Venture? And also please mention on the Engine, seating and the features.

Doubt if the Venture will have the fineness of Eeco, since it seems very similar to the Ace. However, the front end of the Venture looks better than Eeco.

However, I doubt if Venture will be considered as a family vehicle just because, it doesn't seem to have a crumple zone at front. This is the main drawback with Omni too, and Maruti some what attended the issue with their Eeco.

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Maruti should immediately introduce LXI and VXI versions for its Eeco car if it wants to compete with the Venture which has a diesel heart and 3 variants.They can plonk the 1.3 MjD diesel engine in the Eeco also to compete head on with Venture.Afterall in 2011, this segment will make volumes as Gm's new Eeco rival and Ashok Leyland's NV 200 are not far behind from getting launched.. So guys at MSIL, start thinking in order to retain "numero uno" position in the MPV segment.

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