My CBZ (Sold)- A long term ownership revi

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Buying decision:-It was the time when I had entered the II PUC (XII Standard),   way back in 2002. I love bikes and I started driving when I was 12. Initially I drove the Bajaj Chetak 12 V Electronic and the CD 100 SS. At that era a bike like CBZ was something really great and were really noticed when the bikes move on road.


I had no other bikes in my mind at that point of time. Only CBZ was my consideration. I had developed such a craze that I didn

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hi there, i totally agree with you as the HH CBZ was a bikers dream that time. I still remember when I went to buy a new HH CBZ star in the year 2006 I was told the bike has been discontinued last year. We'll that left me very emotional. So I got my self a used 2001 model. 

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