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Hyundai Verna - Fluidic

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Hyundai Verna 2011 First Drive - ACI






is a first drive of the new Verna, a car we think is a quantum leap

over the previous model. The latest Verna is the seventh generation one

and is built on a completely new platform. The chassis is much stiffer

than before and has been optimised for better crashworthiness to meet

the increasingly stringent standards in Europe and the US. 


new Verna looks impressive and sports Hyundai

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Hyundai made wall before Ford will launch it's new Fiesta.

This new car would connect in more better way with people if it is named as

"Accent Transform" than Verna.

There are still lots of fans of Accent just like Ford Fiesta so it is quite natural that people will be more excited to wait for launch of new Accent than New Verna.

This car looks amazing and will be a winner  but why to give so many engine options ? 

If Hyundai keep it straight forward such as 1.4L diesel & 1.4L Petrol or 1.6L Petrol and 1.4L Diesel than also it may be well accepted.

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@Anand Sivaraj: There's something wrong with the kerb weight, it falls in E Class territory which is not possible, must be more like 1150 to 1275 kgs I guess. This is one Hyundai that is sure to rock the C segment boat like no other. 2 petrols and 2 diesels is class leading and sure Hyundai doesn't skimp on kit and interiors look very fresh and contemporary.

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The engine and the car design appeals very much and just look at the beauty or say the beasty 1.6lt diesel engine . Omg! look at the torque no need to use an acclerator in city just release the clutch slowly and off you go.

I hope rear suspension are not way too soft and the ride should be flat to get down all that power down on the road.

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The drive in Dubai was tested with a 1.6 Gamma with a performance sapping 4 speed autobox. Whatever be the power, the one to beat would be the City; which I doubt. May be with a 6 speed manual it may come a little close. The top of the lot would be the 1.6 CRDI manual.

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Some for Real-time Spy shots of New Hyundai Verna 1.6 Gamma petrol:


(Pics: Sidindica, tbhp)


This seems to be a very promising car by Hyundai, of course to crack the most Important 'Class seeking Mass' segment, which is now ruled by ANHC & VW Vento.

Expect class leading features & performance by this car.

Below are probable Fuel efficiency figures for its various Drivetrains powered cars, claimed by Indiancarsbikes;

1.4 Liter Petrol: 17.43 Kmpl
1.4 Liter CRDI Diesel: 23.5 Kmpl
1.6 Liter Petrol: 17.01 Kmpl
1.6 Liter CRDI Diesel: 22.32 Kmpl

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Here are the features for all the varients:

u        Blinkers on ORVMs (standard on all variants)

u        Chrome door handles (on SX (O) and AT)

u        16

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some more snaps of new verna



Cluster ionizer for pollution free cabin



6 Air Bags



Parking camera



Speedo with multiple info



Sandy2011-05-09 05:18:47

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Hyundai is going to load it with features and is going to charge for it on par with the City and Vento (I think) and the various trim levels and engine options will cater to different budget's. I think there will be an 'introductory' price to entice buyer's going in for other brands. I have a feeling the top end models will also come with GPS.Durango Dude2011-05-09 08:06:57

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1.4L(Base) at 6.99 lakhs

1.6L(Base) at rs. 7.64

1.6L SX at rs. 8.24

1.6L SX O at rs. 8.94

1.6L SX O AT at rs. 9. 64

1.4L D (Base) rs. 8.09

1.6L D (Base) rs. 8.74

1.6L D SX rs. 9.34

1.6L D SX O rs. 10.04

1.6L D SX O AT rs. 10.74

** all prices in lakhs, in Delhi

In my opinion a tad too near City and Vento. Should have been 30k less atleast. City and Vento still have more aura around them and design of Verna may prove to radical to some just as it did with Beat.

However atleast in initial months Verna would benefit a lot with injury to Honda.

I am expecting sales of 2500-3000 per month

rahul18102011-05-11 08:01:52

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Considering the piles of cash Hyundai pours into its marketing and advertising efforts, I expect the car to create a lot of buzz. Couple that with the beautiful looks, I think Hyundai will pull off decent numbers and in and around what Rahul suggested.

I got a call from the Hyundai people about the car today. I like the car but after reading the reviews I am tilted towards the Fiesta.


Q: Can someone tell me the difference between the SX version and the SX (O) version? What all extra is available in the car for the added price?

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Hyundai India have finally launched the Verna saloon in a spectacular show in New Delhi today. With prices of the Verna starting at Rs 6.99 lakh for the base petrol version, going all the way up to Rs 10.74 lakh for the 1.6 diesel automatic, the Verna will now straddle the whole range from Rs 7 to 11 lakh. Here are the prices of all the variants as under:


Hyundai Verna 1.4 petrol - Rs 699,000

1.6 petrol mid-variant - Rs 764,500

1.6 petrol SX - Rs 824,500

1.6 petrol SX (O) - Rs 894,500

1.6 petrol SX (O) AT - Rs 964,500

Hyundai Verna 1.4 diesel - Rs 809,000

1.6 diesel - Rs 874,500

1.6 diesel SX - Rs 934,500

1.6 diesel SX (O) - Rs 10,04,000

1.6 diesel SX (O) AT - Rs 10,74,500

The prices of the Verna are INTRODUCTORY and you can expect the prices to change in the near future. Hyundai India hope to sell 45,000 units of the Verna in the first 12 months, taking the average number of cars sold per month to over 3700 cars per month. That is the kind of number Volkswagen registers for the Vento and Maruti Suzuki for the SX4.

To shake the applecart in the C-segment Hyundai have gone with two petrol and two diesel versions. The basic petrol and diesel are 1.4-litre motors that are found on the i20, while the 1.6-litre motors are all-new and aren't found on any other  Hyundai family cars sold in India.

The basic petrol motor is a 1396cc unit that produces 106 bhp@6300 rpm, while the 1.4-litre diesel displaces 1396cc as well but produces 89 bhp@4000 rpm and 22.4 kgm of peak torque@1750-2750 rpm.

The 1.6-litre motors are even more powerful. The petrol engine displaces 1591cc and produces 122 bhp@6300 rpm and an impressive 15.9 kgm of peak torque at 4200 rpm. The gem here, however is the diesel mill. From its 1582cc displacement, it produces 127 bhp@4000 rpm and an equally class-leading 265 kgm@1900 rpm.

Both the 1.6-litre engines come with automatic options. The transmission on both of these is a 4-speed automatic.

Font size reduced





--source - BSMotoring

sgiitk2011-05-11 14:28:44

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The car looks hot+Has enough power to please most of the people+Enough appeal to delight small(less hardcore)enthusiasts+Great FE(as said by Hyundai)+Its a Hyundai=A HIT PACKAGE. 

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