150cc Bike: Which one??

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Hello Friends,


Want to buy good 150 CC bike.


Can you please suggest me which bike meets my requirement?


Requirements are Front and Rear Disk Brakes, Tubeless Tyres, Good Mileage(avg - 40 to 45), Comfortable seating arrangement and important thing - i am looking for height bike which should have good looking, because i am 6 feet height.


Friends, i am waiting for your reply.


PS: I tested Unicorn Dazzler, it doesn't suit for my height.


Thanks & Regards,




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BornFree2011-03-10 04:33:14

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Then Only bike remaining left in 150 segment with both Front & Rear Disc brakes is New Upgraded Hero Honda Hunk.

Along with both side Discs, it also comes with Digital Instrumentation Console, LED Tail-lamp, New front fender, etc.


@Nirmal: Why didn't you posted your bike related query in Indian bikes section !

@mods: Do move this thread to its appropriate destination, i.e; Indian bikes section.

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Think Unicorn is having one of the highest set seats in the 150 category. Hence I do not think the FZ 16 or the R15 will be any better than Unicorn.

Think you should consider either Hero Honda CBZ Extreme or the Suzuki GS150 R. They are pretty big bikes. If you are OK with the lame styling of GS150, then it should be the one, since it is a no-nonsense bike which is pretty comfortable, with good handling and is practical.

I do not have much Idea about the newly launched Yamaha SZ 150, since I haven't seen one in flesh yet. Could somebody through some light?

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Buddy, if Unicorn could not fulfill your requirement than no other 150cc will do.

Bajaj, FZ-16 all are shorter than Uni. It also got rear disc as well. IMO as per your requirement, Uni should fits you the best.

By the way, IMO among 150cc bikes, both FZ-16 & Uni-D are among the top bikes. But FZ-16 does not have rear brake and little shorter. People with long legs may find it little cramped for long use. As per my experience, Uni is more comfortable for long ride but FZ-16 is more fun specially in city traffic.

If I were you, Uni-D would have fit my bill.

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@nirmalrethinam :

According to your requirements,the only bike that fits is the Honda unicorn Dazzler,else you may opt for Apache RTR160/180,or a Yamaha R15.

The pros of these bikes are:

Unicorn:Meets all your requirements,nice rear suspension,nimble handling and a smooth engine.

Apache:160/180 both have punchy engines,enthusiastic handling and and both comes with rear disk brakes,even if you want a bit more safety then RTR 180 offers ABS too.

Yamaha R-15:Though costly,but deserves some extra cash,edgy handling,ride comfort and a peppy engine with a lot of performance in its arsenal is a good choice.

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