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I always loved Swift and wanted to own one since its launch.But it took me 5 years to own one.In this five years Swift was transformed from another Supermini to a tech - overloaded VFM Supermini at price which can't be matched by any car of its class.

When the rumours floated about new Swift and saw camouflaged Swifts I was least impressed with it and wanted to own one.

P.S - Rest in subsequent Post.

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Introduction ( continued..)

I  was eager to own the this old shape swift.After reading ACI test drive I was mighty impressed and set the ball rolling for a new car which required lot of patience , persuasion and finally the car arrived on March 2010 just 3 weeks after booking

Some pictures



P.S - More pictures and details later

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This is really a Good looking ZXi(fully loaded) Swift with Gem of an 1.2 K-Series Engine.

Any problems noticed so far with it ??

How's its Brakes performance i.e: with ABS ones ??

What's the FE you're getting from it ??

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@nishu - How are you old friend?I hope you are not angry over are little tiff we had over Polo.

Anyways - brakes are not that good even with ABS you require a good amount effort to stop the vehicle not like A- star.

FE -  The car is used infrequently , so can't really comment on FE - safe to say with light foot( not revving and moderate traffic) and A/C - expect 14-15km/l within city and highway atleast 18- 19Km/liter( not tested though )

1.2 K series has refinement similar to Honda( it sounds like a Honda Unit!).The low end response is good to excellent so car pulls easily in 2nd gear from stand still.Its better than G series engine in this area.

The suspension is bit soft and some body roll over corners.

Problems - wheel alignment problem after 1st service- solved after 5 months and complaining to Maruti(Long Story)

               -  sometimes engine starts after second crank only

              -  Climate control - in Auto Mode is useless

             - broke the cigarette lighter when I treid to install a Car mobile  charger in the socket.Got is replaced as the car was new


Please don't smoke cigarette its Injurious to your dear ones also.I never smoked a single cigarette in my life and I am proud of it  so request everyone to quit smoking or never smoke.

(Issued in Public Interest due to a question about cigarette lighter has come)

@Mods please don't delete this as I have written in good faith as this a public forum and many minors visit this forum so to discourage smoking.

Complete details in subsequent posts

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@ Spock;

Its really a Comprehensive & Un-biased review of your Swift.

& from your Report it seems that Swift petrol with full Gadgetry like ABS, ACC isn't a complete either, over its Diesel VDi counterpart.

And it seriously needs better Braking & other Gadgets at par with International Markets & Customers standard.

So Maruti Suzuki are you Rectifying these glitches in its New 2011 Swift version !!


Waiting for more of its pics & complete Ownership experience from you Spock.
dr_nishu2011-01-18 19:11:57

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The problem with swift is that it was launched half a decade ago when climate control , steering mounted audio controls( from 2007) ABS , airbags were unheard in a small car let alone a midsize car.Even Getz did not have and was more expensive than swift. But  things have changed and swift has remained same in these years save for K series engine but competition has improved and bought these  new gadgets.

I feel the equipment levels , performance in swift are ideal and most of its competition lack either in certain equipment or performance.

Swift survived and is clocking the numbers in sales is mainly due to its fantastic Diesel engine otherwise Swift  sales would have been in mid 2000 - 3000 units per month.

I am waiting for swift 2011, let see it retains its European Character or will it be like new F10 5series BMW which is pretty souless

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To be very honest' date=' this was a second kind after Zen which made Maruti a winner in small car business. Truly a car which has everything an Indian car buyer looks for. Keep us updated Spock[/quote']

Hey! The Alto, Waggy and the good ol' 800 sold in way larger no.s than the Swift and zen, so one can just put it as " The Swift set a record high for Maruti".   smiley36.gif

@Mr Spock: Delivery in 3 weeks!? And I was under the impression that the swift, and the not so fast selling zxi had a looong waiting period. smiley5.gif

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@arkboy - Not even 3 weeks to be honest as the car was booked in mid February , and there was lot of discussion whether to go or not or look for another vehicle finally all transaction( loan sanction etc.) was done just 6 days before delivery and the car just came from factory to dealer within 2 days of manufacture.

I must specially mention  sales executive Vishnu of competent motors for his enthusiasm , keeping his word and delivering the car ahead of  time limit and in a pristine condition .

A special word of thanks to this sales executive as he made Buying this swift one of the Memorable events in my life.

Some points about drivability  - gearshift is precise and does not require effort as double synchrno of Ritz.The car drives even in 3rd gear at speeds of 20 - 30 km/h.

The problem with climate control it takes its own time to cool the cabin in Auto mode.

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The K series engines are 1.2Ltr right?


Partially right rki..

Maruti Suzuki K-Series family of engines in India consists of two engines;


1) 1.0l or K10B -998cc, 3-Cylinder, 68PS K-Series Petrol(Powers A-Star, Alto K10, Zen Estilo, New Wagon-R)


2) 1.2l or K12M -1197cc, 4-cylinder 84PS K-Series Petrol engine(which powers Ritz, Swift, Swift Dzire & CWG limited editioned SX4 Hybrid).

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I am not getting time to give a complete review only small bits and I am giving.the car as it is due for its third free service in a months time , hopefully I can give you a report.

Somethings that differ from original Swift are :

The  Speedometer is different

1. dials  look different compared to orginal swift and backlight is white not orange as seen in original swift.

2.the pin required to fasten the spare tyre is different from original swift.

Some quirks of my swift  will post in subsequent posts

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I gave swift for third free service and following things were done-

1.Engine oil and oil filter change - Castrol magnatec oil was used.

2.Front windscreen wiper blades were replaced

3. fuel additive- speed TEC premium fuel additive was added

Total cost was Rs 2459/- without labour charges.The following is the  break up-

a.Rs 957 for 3.3 litres of engine oil at Rs 290 per litre

b.Rs 800 for front windscreen wiper blades

c.fuel additive , taxes , bmw - made the rest of the amount.

The car has covered 3030 kms in one year.

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