Speakers and Amplifier Suggestion for Tata Manza

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Hi Friends,

I recently purchased a TATA Manza.The car came with a inbuilt Stereo from Blaupunkt inlcluding 4 speakers on the four doors and couple of tweeters on the dashboard. I found the sound quality is just about okay (I had expected from a company fitted stereo). So, I have disconnected the rear door speakers and got JBL GT5-S396 speakers installed in the parcel tray.Now the sound is definitely much better but i think there

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First of all, welcome to the forum. Please do not use salutations while posting.

For the front speakers, go for pioneer 6.5" round coaxials. or components, as you wish. JBL is always the better option but is costly too. No need for an amplifier if you do not want high volumes. I would suggest you not to go for an amp now.

Secondly, Sony amplifiers are not that good, neither are low cost speakers. So avoid cheaper sony products.

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First of all check if your HU has options for any pre-outs.


Then check how many? You need an HU with atleast 2 pre-outs. 3 will be excellent.


I suggest you to chuck the blaupunkt, and get a Kenwood 7016U, or 8016 BT. Both have 3 pre-outs.

Then install component speakers in the front. Go for either Morel maximo 6 6" or infinity ref 6030cs. Or if u can extend your budget get Focal polyglass.


You can chuck the sony speakers, they are not good. Instead get a 12" sub, either infinity ref or Kappa 120.9 or RF punch.


you will need an amp to power the front compos and the sub. Get the Focal solid 4 its the best VFM amp.


Also dont forget to get damping done. Use Dynamat for that. Noisekill is ok, but dynamat is the best.

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