Dealership experience at Bhavana Ford

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Its sad to the level these salesmen stoop to make a quick buck. You did the right thing by lodging a policeĀ complaint. Do a detailed Pdi before delivery. Dont accept a car which has crossed more than 200 km. Thats fair enough. Sometimes the car has to be got from another city which is far off. Modern cars dont need to be run-in. So dont worry about that too much.

Lodge a police complaint against the car dealer as well if you dont get your money. After all they employed that cheat. Let them cough up the money. Threaten to go to the press. Regarding the cheating issue lodge a formal complaint with Ford india. Im sure they will look into the matter.


I'd a similar problem with maruti. I contacted the regional manager immediately and problem was taken care of.

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Dealership experience at Bhavana Ford (Nerul' date=' Navi Mumbai) & serious ODO issues!

[/quote'] Very sad to know about your experience at ford. Actually while deciding for a new car, i also called up one of the dealers in mumbai, the lady attending call was so rude and even talking to me with so reluctance that i never tried a ford dealer again, they never called me back to follow up. Instead i found their chennai office more attentive, which called me back after i tried their newspaper advertisement.

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The sales person has been terminated. But what about the ODO reading? I am seeking a good advice on what to do with the reading of 448 kms? Should I accept the car? It's driven from Aurangabad to Mumbai, which is around 390kms.

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