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Lancer Glx-D Diesel2000 model. (Mech. Problems)

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ACI members@ Iam using several vehicles in my house. But not attached with anyother vehicle so far, except my Lancer. I am really loving it day by day more due to its outstanding Handling/speed/luxury/safety.

The details of my car:


Mitsubishi Lancer Glx-D. 2000year model/80,000kms done. Diesel version/ Deep purple in colour/ Serviced periodically & Maintained.


Actually the recent days iam facing some kind of  technical problems, also lots of disappointment.


As the car is manufactured on 2000year, I need to compromise with some of these sudden changes, but still my heart declines to move on with these type of unexpected changes. My car"s Engine is still working good and no problem with the Performance/handling wise. From the Last 7months, the front suspensions are feeling harder day by day and now it is totally Poor. Due to not attended this prob by the time, now Ball joint problem too found with shocking sad heart. My car is just 67bhp vehicle with Non-Turbo. But still Iam doing fine with it by doing more 170kmph speed and sometimes more higher. But the car has Diesel pump nozzle block problem which leads to the low mileage(10kmpl). Hand brake is not enough powerfull, also brake is less(even@new rotor/pads). Also me having some idea to modify the performance later.


Now iam expecting your replies regarding:

1) Which suspension i should buy and tell me the price/guarenteed!

2) Replacing the nozzle/ or overhauling the diesel pump nozzle!

3) Should i replace the diesel pump with BOSCH pump? for getting newer performance.

4) I am in a plan to increase the Performance/Speed later by adding Muffler & ECU, Airfilter..

5) Is there Aftermarket Parts avail in Indian market for this model? 




Thanks in advance,


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