CIVIC, another mid-life facelif launched

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This step of Honda seems to keep the Civic afloat among the competition.  

But the segment (13L to 16L Sedan) in which currently Civic is actually missing some action as we can see that Skoda Laura is also going low profile by going southward with its Skoda Laura Classic Version. Toyota Altis face lift is expected but when is not known.

The only performer in this segment is seem to be Cehvrolet Cruze Diesel and side by side Toyota Altis is also trying hard to sell the Diesel.

The action in this segment will be back when Honda will launch entirely new Civic just like they did with City.

It seems that new SUVs (Tata Aria, Yeti etc...) and sedan under budget of 9L to 13L are stealing the show.

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what a great equation:

Civic+sunroof=new Civic...LOL

My friend owns a Cruze and sunroof is seldom opened,reason is the tonnes of dust on the Delhi-Dun highway.

If ever the sunroof is opened for some distance,then you may need to clean the dust from the interiors too...

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andyred that's true. I hope Kizashi may well head up for competition with CIVIC. EXCITED if priced at same levels. Sun Roof is useless in india. It's just a feature in the features list. Why do we want to peek out of Sun-roof, while the main reason we travel on car is to avoid pollution in India :)

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Something may be brewing in Honda for upgradation of Civic but may be for some reason that is delayed or they must be working more on the Brio's launch.

Possibly Honda is waiting for Kizashi's launch to set its strategy for it's new Civic. 

I am quite bulllish about new Civic as I feel that it will again set a benchmark for sedans as it did in past.

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