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Apache 160 Fi engine maintenance

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will u pls guide me out......... i have an Apache rtr Fi 160, which is around one and half year old.

Recently i have been riding my bike from nasik to pune very often, but at very high speeds of about 90-100 Kmph. i am not calculating the mileage dat my bike is returning me, but found it out that it mite be in d range of higher 30s or say around 40kmpl on highways. i am not concerned much about this decrease in fuel efficiency of my bike, but my only grouse is d problem of damage the engine might face in future.

so pls do tell me the damage that the engine may face in future as also pls mention the solution for those problems. Also i have kept my bike in mint condition till now by giving it proper servicing acc to the servicing schedule.

Pls do reply as soon as possbl.

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