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K&N air filter for RTR Fi

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Can anyone guide me out PLEASE.

I hav a TVS Apache RTR 160 Fi. I am very much intrested on installing K&N air filter on my bike, but i want some more information on how to install the air filter model RC-1060 in my bike. Since my bike is Fuel injected, the fuel injection system has an ECU which monitors the air/fuel mixture. if i directly install the K&N air filter in my bike, will it be okay? , or will i have to make any more modifications to the system. PLEASE reply A.S.A.P.

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1. Is it suitable for my bike?

Ans. Yes, the K&N R-1100 air filter can be used in any motorcycle. You can also use the K&N RC-1060 for engines upto 160cc.

2. What is jetting ? Is it necessary? What about Fuel Injected bikes?

Ans. Jetting is the process of correcting the air-fuel mixture entering the engine. Since the K&N air filters will allow more air through them compared to a stock (company fitted) air filter, slightly more fuel needs to be added as well to maintain correct air-fuel ratio at all times. Jetting is to be carried out only by a experienced tuner, not a mechanic-next-door.

An air-fuel mixture with excess air will cause a 'lean' condition leading to excessive overheating of the engine and serious damage. Hence jetting is absolutely essential to prevent engine damage.

Jetting is not required on a fuel injected bike. The bikes ECU automatically adjusts the air-fuel ratio to compensate for increase in the amount of air.

3. How much power can I gain? What is the effect on mileage?

Ans. An engine wastes lesser power sucking in air through the stock filter compared to a free flow K&N air filter. Hence efficiency improves & power is up by 10-15% depending on the engine & the bike's condition as a whole. So, power on a 20HP bike will jump to 22-24HP after fitting the K&N & Jetting.

Fuel efficiency will improve a bit after fitting the K&N. Excessive speeding & braking burns more fuel & the K&N filter is then blamed for it: not fair, not true!!

4. How do I get my hands on a K&N Filter if I don't live in Mumbai? Who will install it & do the jetting?

Sniper Auto ships performance parts all over the world so we can easily courier the filters right to your doorstep.

We also provide adapters & oversize jets for different bikes for hassle free installation & provide you with installation instructions so you can enjoy a power boost without having to worry about over-heating, wear & tear, etc.

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