Help needed please for buying a hatch for city use

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Would be really helpful to help me solve my dilemma.


Need a Hatchback car for strictly driving around Mumbai city.The car will be self driven frm home to office , run of 1.5 kms , daily 4/6 times , completely in suburban mumbai traffic.Already own a sedan so this car will be just for use within city , never expecting to leave Mumbai.Will be driven for 20 kms within mumbai during weekends for outings and get to ghethers.

Cars considering are Alto , Santro

The K10 and Santro GL model come to around Rs3.5 Lac onroad after discounts

The AltoF8 is still 70 grand cheaper

Or am i missing something and ignoring other big hatches for just a little price difference?

Figo i think willb 4.5lac onroad and the Polo base version is 5 lac on road

Pros and Cons of Models considered :

AltoF8 -

Pros - Hot selling hatch ,Reliable,Fuel efficient

          Maruti - So Cheap and Easy to Maintain,Light on Pocket

Cons - AC not that powerful

           Lack of space

AltoK10 -

Pros - More powerful than AltoF8,Better Features,

Cons - Same lack of space as AltoF8

Santro -

Pros - Ease of Ingress because of tall boy design

           Reliable,Fuel Efficient

Cons - Outdated

            Plactic Quality of interiors disappointing


Typical usage will be two passengers only in complete bumper to bumper city driving.Weekends will be 4 passengers in same traffic conditions

I considered buying an Automatic hatch but i10 Auto is way too costly and AStar Automatic is nt a hot seller , i dont think Maruti promotingit even


So kindly help choose between AltoF8.AltoK10 and Santro . Or should i take the plunge , spend a Lakh more and go for higher Cars like Polo,Fabia or Figo


Qualities looking for are - Ease of Driving , Reliability,Comfort,Ease and Cheap to Maintain

Not looking for Great Fuel Efficeincy ( because distance driven everyday is very low , Handling ( Sacrificing For comfort)


Kindly help with your suggestions


Thanking You


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Give the Spark and Beat base versions a try as they are VFM and come in your budget . Or else go for the Santro as it has higher height which make traffic driving easier and it is more versatile.

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Look no further, get a spark, its really a good city car with a rough and tough attitute within. . .else go for a alto f8. .

For a run of 1.5 kms tata nano can also serve the purpose with no negatives , all positives. . . .

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I would suggest New Wagon R, its too good for city driving. I recently purchased it as second car for my city use. Maruti has come miles ahead in terms of interiors with new Wagon R.


1) Maruti ASS

2) Fuel Efficiency.

3) Ease of driving and decent performance.

4) Good AC.

5) VXI loaded with all goodies.



1) Boxy Styling.

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Get an Alto K10. Spares are cheap and AC is just too good(Kindly tell where did you get to learn that Alto's AC is bad?). FE is obviously better than anything in that range.

 I would suggest not to exceed budget and go for premium hatches. Since it is mostly for city use, going for cars like Figo, Polo and Fabia will increase petrol costs considerably. Secondly spares are costly. Even a small dent here and there will need deep pockets. 

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If I were you, i will put my money on Spark and I-10. Both are very good vehicle and updated. Both are hot selling and hence the resale will be better. I don't like alto for poor quality and very poor space management.. shall i repeat for A*.

Maruti's are cheap by F.E. and by quality too. It's not that cheap to maintain.. it is more a hype than reality. But it carries highest resale value. But for the person who wants to enjoy drive.. alto is not a car to be with.. All the best.

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Hello' date='

Would be really helpful to help me solve my dilemma.

[/quote'] Just give a try to chevrolet beat. I test driven one on 24th of January from nikhil auto, mumbai. Except a little rubbery feeling in gear shifting, i found it the most beautiful and spacious hatch for city. Though i have booked polo as overall i preferred it to beat , but still i feel the rear legroom is more in beat.At the same time price below 5 lac on road mumbai, it comes loaded with all features.If you are a regular driver, the lack of seat height adjustment will not bother you. however its very personal thing to like or unlike a car.

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MS Wagon-R LXi or VXi is the Tailor-Made & fully Suited car for you.

It'll give nearly similar FE & Ownership costs for the Alto K10, plus you'll be benefitted by Better Interior Space, Comfort, Equipment, design & Quality levels.

Just take a Test Drive.


Amongst your choices, Santro seems to be l'll bit more Promising, if you don't bother about FE. But its Almost an Outdated car now. 


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