Fiesta to be renamed Fiesta Classic

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New Ford Fiesta Classic's pics, with highlighted differences;


Smart yet Un-cluttered body design with Good Paint, fit & finish & New Wheelcaps.



Dashboard, Steering Wheel are now Straight lift-off from Ford Figo hatchback & is localised completely now. Another Shared bits with Ford Figo are 2-DIN Music System, Centre Console & Gear knob.

Con: Plastics are Cheap looking, Hard & Shiny now.



Seats now carried Over from Ford Figo, fabric shade is new with Sporty Exposed stitches design.



Door Trims top part now shared with Ford Figo with Hard & Shiny appearance. However design is still same as Old Fiesta but the colour is new.



'Made-In-India' 1.4l TDCi Diesel engine now shared with Ford Figo, which is Heavily localised now.

Expect better Reliability & Availability of Spare Parts at affordable costs now.



Smart looking Rear with Edited & Updated Name-tag with Suffix-CLASSIC, but thanks its not Classic as Amby. LOL..smiley36.gif 


Other Comfort bits showing cost-cutting are;


Rear Seat Central Arm-rest with Exposed Hinges.



Collapsible Cup Holders for Rear Seat passengers.


Overall this car is 85% localised now, So spare parts availability & their pricing isn't a matter of Concern for its customers now but might crop up for Maruti Suzuki now.


(Image source: IAB)


dr_nishu2011-04-08 13:50:20

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Those exposed rear armrest hinges are sticking out like warts; makes me think is Ford stooping down to Tata territory, with some 'Xtreme' cost cutting. Those hinges will take its toll on many a 'funny bone' before its set right.

Durango Dude2011-04-08 17:06:48

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Overall I think this isn't a well executed move by a Ford. With the Cost cutting visible from the car in the pics above, this car deserves even better price cut at least for the Diesel version which is way beyond the Dzire & Manza price point.

Say 6.2lacs can be the best begining price point for Diesel Fiesta.

Fiesta SXi is still untouched by this Cost cutting move & as its still loaded with high quality Import content, but this version might be discontinued with the Introduction of Next gen Fiesta.

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The pricing is not too low as expected by many. With Logan' date=' Manza & ANSDzire waiting in line for chopping of its boot, I see no reason to pay such a price for this stipped down car.[/quote']

If they hold that price now, it will be easy for them to give 'hefty' discounts in the future. Don't worry wait for sometime to get discounts. I feel the lusty 1.6 petrol will make a strong case for itself visavis the Etios.Durango Dude2011-04-09 06:55:18

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Ford has intelligently priced Fiesta Classic.

This pricing of Fiesta Classic will help Ford to fight with new Hyundai Verna Diesel and Petrol.

And the best part is that  1.6L Petrol Ford is available at around 5.60 Lakhs so for a pure driving experience it seems there is nothing better than Ford Fiesta Classic.

Ford Fiesta Classic Petrol can easily compete with Vento, Linea, SX4, Manza etc... High End version of Fiesta Classic (With spoiler etc...) is a good option who do not want Honda City.

The Ford's Diesel is also very frugal and one of the best in class so the buyers have a nice option available apart from selecting Manza / SX4 / Cruze / Altis .

With launch of New Fiesta it seems a Win -Win Situation for Ford. smiley32.gif

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I just hope that the SXI is not discontinued.. The current Fiesta, though smaller and basic as compared to its competition, is much better looking. The new Fiesta's hatch on the other hand is one hot product.

Personally, I haven't been able to digest the new Fiesta with its looks and its interiors. Compared to that, the New Verna, Vento and the City look far more better and do carry that snob value to some extent.

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