chevrolet cruze security problem

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I am interested in buying Cruze LTZ. Before that , I need to get 2 things cleared. Both regarding the PEPS system.

1. Suppose you are standing near to the car with the key and someone took off the car, will it automatically switch off after reaching few distance ?

2. You are riding @ night with locks on . can a thief open the door from outside ? 

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1). Car will not Start if the Key fob is outside the Cabin of the Car.

But car will lock after the Key fob goes few Feet/metres away from the car.


2). Most of the cars with Smart Central locking gets locked after acheving Specific speeds, like Ford Figo & SX4/Ritz gets Automatically Centrally locked at the speeds of or above 15kmph & Gets unlocked at Switching Off the Ignition key.

2ndly, Most the Cars with Central locking are having Dedicated Switch on the Driver's Side(on Door Handle Grip mostly) to Manually lock all the Doors, including the Boot-lid. 
dr_nishu2011-01-28 16:08:59

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dont worry friend.the cruze wont start if the key fob is not in the interior of the car!!and even if the car is started and the key is taken outside the car the car will switch offf itself in 10 mins!!and the cruze locks its doors when it crosses 20 kmph!!and if somebody happens to make a duplicate key for the car, there is a very loud anti-teft alarm waiting for him!!!go for the cruze wit both your eyes closed! smiley4.gif

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