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My father owns a Santro Xing Automatic. Since he is a right arm amputee,the switch combination (stalks) that is being used are left hand drive's.This required a excess cutting of plastic in the shroud. Now i have a doubt. Can the shroud of the lhd can be put over the steering mound so that it suits the combination? Also i learn that the ignition knob(key hole) is on the right side even for lhd's. If yes how/where can i get it.?
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Switch combination stalk, are you talking of direction indicator stalk? I think the transfer of ignition switch & indicator stalk to left side of steering should be doable. Many people get the whole steering system transferred from left(left hand driven cars/jeeps) to right, so this should be easily possible.

Board members who have experience with this should be able to guide better & also of specific workshops in & around Chennai.

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there are plenty of garages that do the conversions. I would advice you to contact Hyundai first, the company might also help you with it.

As for the starter, i would suggest you put and after-mart start and stop button.

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You can contact Kamlesh Patel of Electra performance. This work shop was the one of the first Hyundai workshops to train technicians. It was previously known as Electra Hyundai. I doubt any Hyundai dealer will be able to do it; neither are they going to approve of such changes as it will definitely void warranty unless you get HMIL to do it at their factory, as a special case.

Electra Automotive (Madras) Pvt Ltd.

4/952, Old Mahabalipuram Road,


Chennai 600 096


fax: +91 44 24543993

mobile: +919884049268


+91 044 24540891


contact person is Kamlesh Patel.


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