"Punto is sluggish", a mere MYTH

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Punto as a city run about: Long travel clutch is helpful for cruising in city travel; though heavy clutch and jerkiness while pressing the accelerator plays spoil sport. Also' date=' visibility for city usage is nothing to write home about. [/quote']

One more thing to add: Punto has a fairly long turning radius and feel cumbersome in congested city roads. Also steering feels heavy at parking speed and some people may not prefer it.

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Hi everyone. I am a proud owner of fiat grande punto 1.3mjd. My car is 1 yr old & done 21000 kms.

I have taken this car for several long journeys.Longest is chennai-kuttralam(1500kms to & fro in 2 days).My personel opinion is, this is one of the best car for highway riding.extremely stable at high speeds.very good cornering capability at triple digit speeds(where other cars tend to slow down).

As for comfort, my friends and family members feel the car comfortable for long journeys(b'cos of good amount of space & ride quality).

Last time i drove nissan micra on the same road where i used to take my punto,it was really horrible,the car was unstable over bad roads and nose diving on hard braking.that is were i felt how fiat engineers have given a wonderful product in name of punto.

If you keep the car in good power band the car is actually quick(say 2000-4500 rpm).Only for the first two gears,otherwise the car is good.

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@Bala: You can find the same in most of the modern cars .Anyway i have experienced the same in K series engines (Ritz & Swift),Old Wagon -R (F Series),Safari Dicor,Scorpio M hawk, Jazz,Cruze etc.In 1st gear 10kmph, 2nd 20 kmph,3rd 30 kmph,not tested on 4th & 5th gear so far .This is the maximum speed achievable without pressing accelerator.

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The mere myth comes from people who dont appreciate Fiat technology and research. Fiat has very specifically made changes to this Punto in India based alot on the traffic & road conditions here.

We in India tend to ignore the facts such as why Fiat has put a low turning radius for its cars, why longer gear ratios, why low speeds and low revs on low gears and so on. All these relate to great chassis for great handling and better FE and ofcourse easy on the environment and most importantly 'The Feel'. Lets admit guys: Most of us here on forums are pure car lovers.

Even my Palio lets me cruise through traffic easily with little gear changes and I go easy on the accelerator and control more through the clutch.


Earlier people also complained about the Fiat Linea 90hp and termed it sluggish. I just want to ask something here to we Indians, when we drive in city limits, do we race? Next, on highways do we race?NO.

Just last week I drove my friend's Linea a 90hp to Goa & back. I even challenge my friend that I wouldnt let any car over take me. The performance was more than adequate. I was driving safely yet at high speeds. It was fabulous.

There was one question on both our minds while on the highway. Why are people on the blogs asking for more speed and power when I am not able to even drive this machine to its fullest given the kind of road conditions we have on highways, the traffic and ofcourse less sense of highway rules we have.

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