Problems faced in scorpio!


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Scorpio 2009 Mhawk Sle - Clutch fluid pipe gets heated and fluid gets drained. Clutch pedal goes down. Thank God it happened when the car was parked . It was a hilly area and had just reached the destination. But the car became immobile, just a couple of months after the purchase . Called the dealer but on road service came next day. Passengers carried in my other car back home. The problem diagnosed was the pipe was touching the silencer and got a leak after being overheated. No charges for the repairs but still inconvenience. Had no such issue in the previous scorpio 2.6 2004 turbo which the new one replaced. The car is running fine . The other problem was with a/c blower which stopped functioning after almost a year of purchase. Again it was repaired free of cost. Though it is not much used, clocked just 13000 in 1.5 years. Hope thesae are just one off issues and not faced by other scorpio owners.

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