My next car will be??

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Friends,all of us do have some choices for everything,same is when it comes to our cars.I am sure that none of us is the sort of a car owner who is not interested in upgrading to a new car(or to get a new ornament for his/her porch).

Market has spoilt us for choice but its a fact that there is always one between the crowd who wins our heart.So here is the question, WHICH IS GOING TO BE YOUR NEXT CAR?????

I have already decided:

Hatchback:-VW Polo 1.6/Skoda Fabia 1.6 or Honda Jazz(Maybe new Swift)..I am spoilt of choices in this segment.

SUV:-Volvo XC-60(Though I'll wait for XC 30 to come) or Skoda Yeti(Really impressive machine,I am lovin it ).

Sedan:-Skoda Superb nothing else(Laura made me fan of Skodas).TSiVipul2011-02-18 05:04:31

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I prefer to purchase vehicle which gives maximum out of what I spend i.e. Value For Money . I am confining my budget for automobile max upto 12L to 13L.

Given a choice my Next car would be

Economic Hatch : WagonR DUO

Hatch : i10 / VW Polo.   

Performance Hatch : Vista 90

Van : EECO

SUV : Scorpio

MUV : Innova CNG / Innova Diesel.   

Sedan : Will testdrive below if going for sedan.

- Vento for brand and looks

- Honda City for looks and performance

- Laura Classic for sheer performance and looks

- Manza Elan complete package and backseat ride

- Etios for Toyota badge, long term reliability,   

- Missing....... Skoda Octavia 1.9 diesel smiley19.gif

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@A Sethi:

the thread you mentioned above may be something like this one,but its far more different than the similarities.How?That I'll justify as the above mentioned thread has a question of "Which is the best car at a price point"?

While,what I am asking is not to share our likings,but to share our next choice which may depend on budget,practicality etc,free from any price point.

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Considering I would move back home to Texas in 3 years, my choice would be

1.Pickup- Ford F-150 Lariat Limited 6.2 L V8 (411 hp,434 Lb-Ft) or F-150 Ecoboost 3.5 L TT V6 Lariat Limited . Would probably cost above $50,000.

2.High performance small car - Honda Civic Si or Maza Mazda Speed 3 or Ford Focus ST

3. Mid-size sedan : Hyundai Sonata 2.0 T or Ford Fusion V6 Sport AWD

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My next car will be one of the below...


- Skoda Yeti(recently have seen a car & liked the design)

- Mahindra Xylo Mini(waiting for the launch)



- SX4 D

- H City.

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