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i have a question regarding maruti gypsys i mean the diffrence between the  narrow track i.e mg 410 and the wide track mg 410w, ive been driving gypsys for more then 21 years and have driven an owned all the variants, the mg410 which was manufactured between 86 -92 felt pretty torquey and responsive ,had a top speed of 120 kmph which also made her a good highway cruiser, then maruti introduced the mg410w in 1993, which i eagerly bought because i thought the wider track would aid handling because in the earlier version i had to make the leaf springs stiffer and change to tokiko gas filled dampers to get better handling, but to my surprise the torquey nature and responsiveness of the old gypsy (mg410) was just not there and the wide track used to to hum a lot  i mean a humming effect from the front axle,i initially thought this would be taken care of in the running in period but even after a good 25000 kms she was just the same and cud never make me smile ,then after a lot of rounds to the authorised workshop i was informed by the workshop service advisor that all new gypsys have this character then i was convinced but only after driving other post 1993 gypsys, then the 1.3 gypsy mg 413w was launched i guess in 1996  and i bought one of those  in 2005 but the hum was still there and that character of the old mg 410 was totally lost.Can someone pls tell me that when the powertrain of the mg 410 and the mg 410w were the same then why the diffrence in torque, drivibility ,responsiveness and to add to it a top speed of 110 which is 10 kmph lesser than the older pre 1993s .,, cud this be because of change of diffrential ratios or a change in the knuckle or the engine head 

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Well in this much span of years the technological advancement , Fuel standard , Emission levels has changes a lot and the lower top speed might be because the engine wasn't able to breathe as good due to Cat con .

Can't really say much about the humming sound but I think its due to air friction in the wheel well area or noise of the tyres .

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