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@ Dinesh.

It is not the rebirth of the Innova but is a mark lower than Innova widely speculated to rival the M&M Xylo & TATA Grande.

It is a seven seater 2+3+2 configuration on monoque chassis vehicle and speculated will be built on the Etios platform.

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Avanza was there since a long time alongside Innova in many markets.

My cousin was having a red Avanza in USA for the last 3 to 4 years.

That model (in USA) came with sliding doors, like what we have in Omni.

At the time of my Xylo purchase, I was told about this by him and he had

sent a couple of snaps also.  The car Avanza looks and feels like an Innova,

but is a notch below Innova in that American market. 

If and when it is brought in to our market, I am sure, Toyota will keep it like

that (i.e one notch below Innova) so that it can look at Xylo-seekers. 

But, somehow, I feel that Toyota is busy with Itios (sedan as well as hatch)

and they may not have the infrastructure to handle one more MUV.



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@Ramesh: sure makes sense to have the Avanza launched below the Innova. Will sure find buyers by heaps in the 7-9 lacs category..

Saw the Etios sedan day before. Really looks and feels like a facelift Logan. A chevy Aveo looks beautiful than this one.

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It looks more like PROTON Exora. 


If Avanza is launched Toyota will have the best line-up and can rule almost all the segments with vehicles under various price range. Toyota will have Etios Hatch soon so

Toyota can offer to the consumers

Hatchback : Etios Liva  ,    VFM Sedan : Etios  , 

Semi Luxury Sedan : Altis  ,  Luxury Sedan : Camry

VFM MUV : Avanza   ,   MUV : Innova

Luxury SUV : Fortuner   ,  

Super Luxury SUV : Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 

Avanza should be priced in between 6L to 8L range.

If Avanza is not launched probably we may see design elements of Avanza in Innova in future. 

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I found Avanza spec in Toyota's Malaysian & Philippine's website.There it is avialable in 1.5 L A/T & 1.3 M/T engines. I think toyota will opt for only Diesel engines in indian market.



Now the MT engine is 1.3L and 92PS.Length :4190mm.If Totota can make this as 1.2L Petrol engine without any deduction in power and under 4000 mm length ,then they can avail tax benefit and can price it very competitive manner.Anyway they have to introduce 1.4/1.5L Diesel engine for getting numbers.

Toyota may keep the price in 6.5-9 range.Looking forward for Avanza launch.

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