Beast arrives home.SX4 Diesel

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New SX4 Diesel comes home.

Colour:Silky Silver


Safety Features:ABS,EBD,AIRBAGS.

I like:

1. Engine performance.Finding it better than Dzire.

2. Safety Features.

3.Ground Clearance.

4. Tilt steering.

5.Driving seat height adjust.

6. Interiors.

7. Ample headroom and legroom space

8. Ground clearance.

9. USB and Aux in.

I don't like:

1. Music quality.

2. Rear speakers at rear door.(Can't upgrade coaxials)

3. Reverse light only on left side.(On other side rear fog lamp)

Overall finding it good.Will get Bass Tube added for better music quality. smiley2.gif

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Congrats! on the purchase of a delightful car .

An advice please change the stock tyres to michlein PLC or yoko C drives . The stock tyres are way too noisy in the sx4 and changing them now will give you good value in exchange of the Vectras.

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Thanks again all.@Dr. nishu--->dealer has not received yet.He has complained about it to maruti and said that he will call us when he will receive.

I must tell that my father has buyed the car which will be driven by me,my father and my bro.@car enthusiast--->will surely share details about the ice.

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Hi sx4 in diesel is excellent but watch out for competition as well ' date=' Optra diesel had reduced price matching to Sx4 diesel ,[/quote']

I know but you won't get such a great network as Maruti Suzuki by any other automobile company.They are improving their services and here in Lucknow chevy and vw are having worst services.

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Congrats @ankur_cars for your new possession. You will have a grand holy this time, i guess smiley1.gif.

Now its time for a detailed ownership review.

What are the cars did you test drive before zeroing on Sx-4 diesel? How do you compare Sx-4 with its peers? How is the beast performing in different habitat i.e. in highway and in city?

Diesel avtar should rejuvenate SX-4. Its amazing how Fiat engines seems better tuned for Suzuki cars!

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My car got its first service yesterday.It has clocked 1300 on odo.The service was due at 1000.First we took the car at service station when it clocked 1000 on odo.The dealer said that some special type of synthetic oil comes for SX4 diesel which was not available there.We made calls to other dealers and ask whether oil is available or not.They all replied in negative.They all said the same thing that it will be available in a week.Till then we used our qualis/santro/alto.Yesterday we again made a call at all the dealers.Oil was only available at two places only.So we decided to take the beast at ktl.They said that it will give the highest mileage of 18-19kmpl on highway and 16-17 in city.Before the service it gave the mileage of 15.5 kmpl.My uncle took it for service there.Its engine oil costs Rs.2000.The bill came for Rs.2400.Next service is due at 5000kms but engine oil will be changed at 10000kms.The service was ok.

Things which i liked after service:

1:Engine sound in now less as compared earlier.

2:Little bit increase in pick-up.

3:There was a little bit of bubbling before service which was not there at all after service.

4:Even engine plastice(eg. engine cover)

were also polished.

Things which i hated after service:

1:Interior and exterior polish.Specialy interior polish was unevenly done.Audio system was looking as if someone has used some sort of oil for polishing.

2:Unevenly greased levers.

Overall you can say good but not the best service:).

My father took it to highways .He said the he was experiencing as INNOVA.Same comfort,a better performance.

Accessories added:

1:New footmats.

2:Jbl bass tube as well as amplifier.

Things still pending:

1:Not got the hub caps bearing Suzuki.Will go to dealer to get them.

2:Seat covers.

3:Suncontrol film.

Overall saisfied with the car.

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