My new car: VW Polo 1.6.

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Its official. The wait is finally over and I am finally am buying my own carsmiley4.gif.


The budget is around 8(8.5 max). The cars I have shortlisted are


Polo 1.6L: Positives: Quality, 1.6 Engine, Price, Looks | Negetives: Rear seat legroom, 1 month waitsmiley11.gif


SX4 Zxi: Positives: Sedan, A.S.S, Decent engine | Negetive: Crude and old design, Interiors, A little outside budget


i20 Asta D: Positives: A.S.S, Interiors Diesel | Negetive: Diesel, 1 month waitsmiley11.gif


Vento Trendline Positives: Drivability, quality | Negetives: NO features at all, 1 month waitsmiley11.gif


I usually drive alone and about 90% of the time there are not more than 2 people in the car. Usually drive about 1500Kms a month. I want good drivability and good A.S.S. Reasonable mileage would be good. Not too keen on diesel as it has been made obvious above. Being a sedan or hatch does not make much difference to me.


Linea T-jet, Vento Highline, City are all out of my budget. Jazz is not being considred because I would rather have the 1.5L engine. 1.2 is only about average. Most other cars I am not interested in.


Q: I know the new Fiesta is atleast 2-3 months away. When is the new Verna expected to arrive? Will it fit my budget and is it worth the wait?
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Wait for next few months as the launch scene plays out. Now is not a good time to buy as many hot launches are waiting in the wings. Wait for at least the new Fiesta and the Verna and decide. Don't buy the present Fiesta as it will become a 'Classic' (literally) in a few months. 

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@asethi :even though you live in Delhi where petrol is cheaper i would recommend Oil burner.


If resale isn't a problem you can also get your hands on Optra Magnum Diesel


Iagree with DD,hold on. New entries might bring down price of present sedans and hatches

sarabjeet2011-03-05 12:49:23
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If a big boot is not what you are searching for. Then go for a polo 1.6 any day. You will enjoy driving and owning one. Today while driving my polo 1.2 on highway, i did not find any trouble in overtaking,what is normally told in internet forums about 1.2 polo. I was thinking that time that how quick a 1.6 will be with the same weight. Regarding rear seat legroom,i feel that most of the people talking about lack of rear leg space might be 6 footers or it may be there assumption not experience. I own one and there is no problem while seating at rear.

Vento TL is also a good choice indeed, if you can do with low eqipment level, otherwise the premium feel will be same in TL and HL.

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I always suggest to buy a car with safety features. So Vento TL automatically goes out of the picture.

Polo 1.6L is reportedly giving mileage around 9-10 which is very low, considering you drive 1500 km a month.

SX4 is a good car but is basically meant for families. It has a good engine, but I would not recommend stretching for it as there are other cars in budget which fulfill your requirements.

Fiesta and Verna currently cost same as SX4 and you can be sure that the newer versions would be much costlier, I expect the price to be around Vento.

Fiesta hatch, which will most probably be launched by Diwali might be in your budget, but you will have to wait till then.

i20 Asta D has some issues with AC and steering and it would be better to ask someone who has been using the car in same climate conditions or the summers would be sweaty.

The best car for you in my opinion is the soon to be launched Swift. It will have a good performing fuel efficient engine, decent interiors and space. But you will have to book as soon as the booking starts!

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Since you always travel most of the time 2-On board & in City conditions, So going within your choices strictly, Polo 1.6 seems to be the best option for you as it offers the Sedan-like space & Comfort inside(at least nearly like of Vento) with smaller exterior Dimensions & in a more Fuel-efficient way than Vento.

Its Rear Seat is better than Swift & is easily comfortable for upto 5ft 10inchers.

One more thing about these sedans is that neither of them is Ideally fuel-efficient in Real terms nor the upcoming Fiesta, Verna will become.

Still if you're a hardcore Sedan fan then wait for these latter ones.

Else, my vote is for Polo 1.6 Highline.dr_nishu2011-03-05 16:55:23

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So the majority says wait for a month or two. This is disappointing. I've been waiting for a long time alreadysmiley6.gif.


Mileage is not an issue for me and neither is the resale. I want something with a

decent amount of power and driving pleasure. Also as many features as possible.


I've ruled out Vento TL because of the lack of safety features. Jazz ruled out because of the lack of power in the 1.2L engine(have driven it extensively). I'm personally not a fan of Swift's looks so it is ruled out too. Optra doesnt interest me either.


I am quite tempted by the new Fiesta but its atleast 2 months away which means 2 more months of the misery attached with the rickety WagonRsmiley36.gif.


I'm leaning towards the 1.6L Polo right now. Will be test driving it and SX4 tomorrow.
asethi9192011-03-05 22:02:25
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@A Sethi: Suggestion is at least wait for the new Swift or you may to regret in a few months time. There is a saying in Tamil: "Poruthaar Bhoomi Alwar" (those who are patient will rule the world). Having waited this long why not wait a few more months; not that you are a new entrant to the forum, you've been around and know very well about the future launches. With only your interest in mind only one word comes to mind : WAIT.

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I have one more suggestion for you, considering your city drive.

Hyundai i10 1.4 AT Petrol

This is another reason to wait. Swift might be coming with an AT gearbox that does the duty in SX4, and would definitely be cheaper that i20 as i20 has an imported engine.

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Well as every one stated please wait for the new launches

BUT.. THe new Fiesta and the Verna will be outside your budget in the top end versions . Expect them to be more on 9.5lakhs on road Delhi.

The Polo is a great choice if you are satisfied with the interior space available on offer . Just Test Drive the i20 CRDi may be you might like its torquey nature . The Sx4 VVT is outdated and unrefined product from maruti (I don't hate maruti) . Please buy the varient with ABS atleast ,out goes the Vento trendline.

Also be mentally prepared for waiting about a month for a car after booking it . I know its frustrating ,but to cope up with the frustration read review on forums , plan the accessories for the car and shop around for them . This really helps !

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I want something with a

decent amount of power and driving pleasure. Also as many features as possible.

Then Polo 1.6 Highline is the choice for you.

Its feature laden with Tilt-telescopic steering Wheel' date=' Airbags, ABS, Alloy Wheels, Power ORVMs & many more.

I am quite tempted by the new?Fiesta but its atleast 2 months away which means 2 more months of the misery attached with the rickety WagonRsmiley36.gif.


-Firstly, The feature laden variants of Verna & New Fiesta will definitely Over-run your budget.

So No benefit to wait for them.

-2ndly within your budget Not much appealing cars are supposed to be launched in coming 2-months except Poor Etios Liva, puny-looking Honda Brio & Just Casual looking & too common New Swift.

So think Sensibly & have a good Motoring ahead.

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Drove the SX4. That car needs a face-lift inside and out ASAP. Its out. So is Vento TL. That leaves Polo 1.6. Regarding its mileage, quite a bit of my daily travel is on the expressway so I am sure, I can manage something around 11-13 Km/l which is perfectly fine with me.


Good to know that I atleast have Nishu and RSSH with me for Polo 1.6smiley36.gif. But the majority's decision seems to be for me to waitsmiley5.gif.


From what we have seen at the forum, the Swift and the Verna are expected to appear this month. I am rather apprehensive that I will pick Swift over the Polo 1,6 since I've never really liked it and it will have only the 1.2K series engine.



I checked out the i20 1.4AT. Its a good car but simply not worth 8.5 lacs. Unjustified pricing. If only they had a 1.4 engine in manualsmiley1.gif.



Thanks! I will wait around for a week or so to see when are these cars launching.
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Mileage is not an issue for me and neither is the resale. I want something with a

decent amount of power and driving pleasure. Also as many features as possible.

As you are concerned about driving pleasure so the only car that is worth waiting for is the New Fiesta. But launch of Fiesta may take another 2-3 months. Combined with an approximated waiting period of 15-30 days, you may not be able to drive a new Fiesta home before July.

Further as you would like your car to be feature rich so you should go for top end rather than low end. New Fiesta's top end might exceed your budget. Similarly, top end of Vento should be out of your budget. Considering all points it is advisable that you should go for Polo 1.6 Highline. And spent rest of your money in upgrading ICE. (Get parrot bluetooth system for Kenwood HU of Polo + one good Amp)

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How much is the current Fiesta 1.6S ? Buying one can never leave you regretting. I know new Fiesta coming and all but just think about value and the fun behind the wheel. And not too old to reject either, isnt it ?

Well , Polo 1.6 is good no doubt but the feedback and handling is not as good as a Fiesta. Plus body damage is very costly, so is spares.

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Just like me, sb is also saying the same thing.


As of today, there is no car to beat Fiesta 1.6 in Enthu's POV. Its a real steal at the price available today. Its spares too wont be a big issue, as Fiesta Classic is here to stay.

The AN Fiesta, IMHO wont be a better handler than Old Fiesta mainly because of  the height factor.


All in all, Fiesta S 1.6 is better than all your choice( in enthu's POV ) and you save considerable amount too.
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I agree with you guys but knowing that the new Fiesta is around the corner and the fact that prices for this one will be going down soon makes me aprehensive about the buy.
Why don't your check this:

Volkswagen launches new IPL Edition of it's sedan, the Vento. Its priced at 7.24lkhs ex showroom Delhi and will only be available in the Petrol variant. The car gets an upgraded multimedia touchscreen with navigation and IPL logos on seat and floor mats. And a sticker on the boot too.



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Yes Vento IPL edition seems to be very promising option for you.

What its having:

-Full fledged Multimedia AVN system.

-Leather Seats.

-IPL logo embossed scuff plates.

-IPL logo embossed Designer Floor mats.

-All Power windows with Manual Central locking.

-Rear Windscreen Defogger.

What its not having w.r.t Vento Highline:

-Chrome Accents in Dashboard.

-Height adjustable driver Seat.

-Desmodronic foldable key with Remote Cental locking.

-Door Trims with fabric Inserts.

-Front Passenger seat adjustment from lever located behind.

-Central arm rest in Rear Seat.

-Alloy Wheels.

-Front fog lamps.

-Body coloured Door handles & ORVM Casings.

Hope this comparo will help you in further shortlisting the options.dr_nishu2011-03-11 20:24:33

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